The Netherlands – My Kind Of Country

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9 Responses to The Netherlands – My Kind Of Country

  1. Latitude says:

    mine too!

    Steve do some sleuthing for me when you have a minute…

    Almost all of the Arctic ice loss is in the Barents Sea.
    This past year they discovered oil and gas there and have been running ice breakers all winter.
    See if you can find what the predominate winds were?
    I’m sure it blew it all out and that’s why it’s low.

    This is going to be the new normal for Barents from now on.
    Watch and see if it doesn’t make Arctic ice extent low every year.

  2. Lance says:

    would that be a path for cyclist! sweet!
    A guy could find cycling buddies in a hurry too!

    If we ever get rid of the snow up here, I can get my bike out again(actually took it out of the basement and started getting it ready for another season) when we had 2 weekends in a row with CAGW of 15-20 cm each time…followed by scorching temps of about -10C and highs of +2C….

    ..but not to complain… ok i am…

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    At least the bike paths are separated from the main road, thus bicyclists and motorists don’t get in each other’s way (like they do here in DC). Someone used a little common sense for a change. Probably saved some lives in the process and actually did something to encourage people to bike.

  4. nofreewind says:

    Hi Steve, am just recovering right now from a nice afternoon jaunt on my road bike, in the rain!

  5. Bruce says:

    Bike paths on BOTH sides of the highway. COOL!

    Though I like the evidence that bicycles are just as lazy as humans, they too want to be driven everywhere by car if they can get away with it.

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