Planet To Become Uninhabitable!

Normal weather patterns prove it.

In preparation for Earth Day 2011, Craig Scott Goldsmith, author of “Uninhabitable: A Case for Caution,” has sent an open letter to humanity and its leaders cautioning the detrimental effects of releasing Co2 into the atmosphere.
Goldsmith says humans are accelerating Co2 emissions through overpopulation, the use of automobiles and by building an abundance of new coal fire burning plants, which will bury the Kyoto treaty. He says the effects of global warming are evidenced by the extreme weather conditions humans are currently experiencing, including decade-long droughts, massive flooding in Australia and record breaking snowfalls in the eastern part of the United States.
“Global warming doesn’t mean it’s going to be warmer, it simply means a disruption in the normal weather patterns,” says Goldsmith.
Goldsmith warns that by continuing to inject more and more Co2 into the atmosphere, it will cause two very big problems for humanity:
Anoxia: The dramatic downward shift of the pH in our oceans, or oceanic acidification. “The oceans are absorbing so much Co2 from our modern lifestyle that they are becoming toxic and void of oxygen, creating dead zones around the world and putting oceans in jeopardy of collapsing within a few decades,” says Goldsmith.
Methane Hydrate: Methane is a greenhouse gas that is at least 26 times stronger than Co2. When released in large quantities it will spike temperatures very quickly from 4-16 degrees on average. Methane is stored in vast quantities in the frozen tundra of the Siberian lakes regions. If Co2 emissions continue to warm temperatures, it will melt the frozen tundra and release large quantities of methane into the atmosphere, spiking temperatures beyond our threshold to survive.

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10 Responses to Planet To Become Uninhabitable!

  1. mkelly says:

    “Global warming doesn’t mean it’s going to be warmer, it simply means a disruption in the normal weather patterns,” says Goldsmith.

    Then why call it global warming?

  2. Mike Davis says:

    It is Memorex! He is just repeating the party line.

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    It used to be all about warming. Now any weather event has a carbon footprint on it. Since the weather is always doing something somewhere, they can never lose! Nice job, guys!

  4. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Craig Who Who?

  5. Justa Joe says:

    There is a proposition bet that one can place in Las Vegas and some other casinos. It is in the game of Craps, and it is called a “fire” bet. The bet works like this if a player makes 4 unique points the bet pays off 25 to 1. If the player makes 5 unique points the bet pays 250 to 1 and for 6 unique points 1000 to 1. It’s basically like a football parlay card, but more difficult as reflected by the payout.

    The Fire bet relys on 4, 5, or 6 “ifs” occuring, and the odds are against even 1 of these “ifs” occuring. Needless to say based on the payout when you compound the probability of all of these improbable things happening it is unlikely. This is like some of the CAGW scenarios we get from the climate community. It is one supposition (if, could, maybe) compounded on top of another supposition with each of these propositions pushing the probability to an astronomical unlikelihood.

  6. Al Gored says:

    “Global warming doesn’t mean it’s going to be warmer”

    Orwellian doublespeak reaches new heights, or lows, again.

  7. Bowen says:

    “Methane is stored in vast quantities in the frozen tundra of the Siberian lakes regions.” says Goldsmith.

    Finally, at least a little honesty . . . . I guess . . . next procession” will be caused by “hue”mans . . . .

    Rivers change course as a matter of course . . . I would like to see the charts for the normal weather patterns . . . .

    Sahara desert once lush and populated – Unexplained Mysteries …At the end of the last Ice Age, the Sahara Desert was just as dry and … Antarctica was once a rainforest home to dinosaurs such as crylophosaurus. ……74835 – Cached – Similar

    As for the methane, sounds like a new energy source to me . . . . Turn the methane into energy and we won’t have to worry if mother earth has to “pass some gas”!

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