Earth Day Birthday

Happy birthday Vlad! Your revolution has just begun.

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13 Responses to Earth Day Birthday

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Was today the day?It seems it was just last year about this time they said something about Earth Day! Time seems to really fly when you sit around watching trees grow!

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    I celebrated Earth Day by displacing huge chunks of it with my golf clubs! Must have separated a tectonic plate or two.

  3. suyts says:

    Isn’t it apt, that they share a birthday.

  4. gofer says:

    “Ira Einhorn was on stage hosting the first Earth Day event at the Fairmount Park in Philadelphia on April 22, 1970. Seven years later, police raided his closet and found the “composted” body of his ex-girlfriend inside a trunk.

    A self-proclaimed environmental activist, Einhorn made a name for himself among ecological groups during the 1960s and ’70s by taking on the role of a tie-dye-wearing ecological guru and Philadelphia’s head hippie. With his long beard and gap-toothed smile, Einhorn — who nicknamed himself “Unicorn” because his German-Jewish last name translates to “one horn” —advocated flower power, peace and free love to his fellow students at the University of Pennsylvania.”


  5. GregW says:

    Well, the march of Lenin’s communism seems to have hit a few snags, (although it’s still staggering onward in some parts). Let’s hope radical environmentalism suffers the same fate.

    • suyts says:

      Environmentalism is simply an extension of Leninism. If they cared about our environment, then they would do what was necessary to prevent poverty. Instead, they encourage, promote and try to mandate poverty.

  6. gofer says:

    “New Delhi, April 22 (IANS) Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit Friday exhorted school children and city residents to abandon the use of plastic and asked them to plant more trees.

    Addressing a gathering of school children on Earth Day at her official residence, Dikshit talked about the importance of planting trees and referred to the dangers of using plastic bags.

    ‘Plastic is harmful to society, so plant trees and avoid using plastic bags,’ she said.

    She also emphasised upon students and city residents to conserve power and water.

    ‘Protecting earth is every person’s and every country’s responsibility. Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time,’ the chief minister added.

    Later, Dikshit asked children to take a pledge to conserve and preserve the mother earth.

    Earth Day is observed every year April 22 and is celebrated in more than 175 countries since 1970.”

    I can’t take it anymore….plastic bags are harmful to society. In India of all places, it’s plastic bags thats the problem. Insanity.

  7. Nobama says:

    To celebrate Earth Day, I want to start a plastic bag company. These will be Plastic versions of the cloth bags you’re supposed to carry groceries in to assauge your guilt. I could put images of Al Gore on them in his ManBearPig uniform. Or Hansen with his head on fire.

  8. bubbagyro says:

    We have to salute also Hitler and Göring tomorrow, two early key infamous environmentalists, animal rights activists, and vegetarians, who blazed the trail for mother earth worship. Their acclaimed movie and documentary maker, Leni Riefenstahl, should also be given a dishonorable mention—she was an active Greenpeace member until her death in 2002.

  9. Andy Weiss says:

    Uncle Vlad looks so loveable in that photo! His dream of a worker’s paradise and shared wealth still lives.

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