Global Warming Causing More Atlantic Hurricane Losses

“[…] a marked increase in the number of weather-related events. For instance, globally, loss-related floods have more than tripled since 1980, and windstorm natural catastrophes more than doubled, with particularly heavy losses from Atlantic hurricanes. This rise cannot be explained without global warming. Worldwide, 2010 has been the warmest year since records began over 130 years ago.”

This supports the argument that we will see more frequent and more intense extreme weather events from climate change, such as floods, droughts, and storms. It also clearly stresses the need for pro-active adaptation. Pro-active adaptation refers to anticipatory strategies that help build capacity to deal with the future impacts of climate change. These strategies acknowledge that certain impacts of climate change are inevitable due to historic greenhouse gas emissions.

Truth and the global warming religion don’t mix. We are approaching 1,000 days since any hurricane hit the US. The longest hurricane free spell since before the Civil War.  The 1990s was one of the quietest decades on record for Atlantic hurricanes. HadCRUT, UAH and RSS all have 1998 as the warmest year.

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11 Responses to Global Warming Causing More Atlantic Hurricane Losses

  1. PJB says:

    And it is certain that they calculated the losses in constant dollars and also took into account that each year, population increases and more and more of those people end up inhabiting regions subject to flooding etc. etc.

  2. Paul H says:

    As usual you only have to follow the money.

    CSR Asia sell “Climate & Environmental Services”

    “CSR Asia carries out corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories and develops climate change strategies for companies. Our inventories provide an account of a company’s emissions performance based upon standardized approaches and principles.

    We facilitate businesses to build an effective strategy to reduce emissions, participate in carbon emission reduction programmes and communicate results of emissions inventories to various stakeholders. ”

  3. Jimbo says:

    Now here is a prediction I like. Date and time specific.

    The End Is Nigh
    21 May, around 6pm, to be precise

  4. pascvaks says:

    “As the scientific evidence of climate change mounts, businesses are well advised to start assessing their vulnerability. Many of the no-regret investments made today will not only improve resilience in the long-term but help reduce costs in the short- to mid-term. This is of particular importance to businesses in the emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region, which are prone to a diverse set of natural hazards, and where governments lack the capacity to make the necessary investments in disaster preparedness and risk reduction.”

    This is good advice. Really! It is critical to have the best G2 you can have when doing business. Otherwise you won’t make a profit. It’s Business-101 stuff. Makes a lot of cents to have sense. Hummmmm… on second thought, this is more like Kindergarten stuff, 2nd semister, AP. Isn’t psyence neat!

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    The statement is a total joke, if rapidly increasing population and property values are not taken into account.

    In any event, the increased losses probably resulted from one unusually costly event (Katrina) skewing the data.

    Also, 1980 is a Cherry Picked year to start the study, because during our recent cool period (1956-1979), there was subnormal hurricane activity.

  6. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:


    Four states begin crafting bills that would require Constitutional citizenship before running for any office at any level. Arizona already has bill in process that will require a US birth certificate before anyone can run for President in their state—if passed would apply to 2012 elections.

    • suyts says:

      Yep…… if a couple pass, it should end all of this birth cert. stuff one way or another.

    • Dave G says:

      Arizona governor Brewer “Vetoes” birth certificate bill because of wording, lets hope they change the wording and reintroduce the bill!!!

  7. Andy Weiss says:

    Isn’t producing your birth certificate an obvious Constitutionally mandated requirement for being President? If Obama truly cannot produce it, he should have been disqualified at the start.

  8. Hector Pascal says:

    ‘The End Is Nigh
    21 May, around 6pm, to be precise’

    Excellent! That’s my birthday, which I’m proud to share with Mr T. I’ll enjoy the chat while we’re standing in line.

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