Have You Been To Confession Yet?

T.J. HOLMES, CNN anchor: Well, in today’s “XYZ,” I’d like confess my sins.  I drive a Chevy Tahoe. It gets 15 miles to the gallon in the city. While some people have SUVs to haul their large families around, it’s just me driving by myself to work every day.  I have a number of TVs in my high house and leave them on just about all day, every day.  I often turn the water on in the shower, then I walk downstairs to maybe grab breakfast, leave the water running, then I go back upstairs to take a shower.

I buy 24 packs of bottled water at a time. Then I throw those bottles away without recycling.  In the winter I crank the heat up to 75 or 76. All the light bulbs in my house are still the old school, less efficient incandescent bulbs.

Those are my eco-sins. I’m confessing them to you because tomorrow is Earth Day. It often goes ignored by many of us, including me. Not going to ignore this year. Why? Well, maybe it was an awakening. Maybe I was scolded recently by an environmentalist. Maybe I’m tired of wasting my own money.  Whatever my reasons, whatever yours, happy Earth Day.


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8 Responses to Have You Been To Confession Yet?

  1. Mike Davis says:


  2. Latitude says:

    NAACP official convicted of voter fraud

    In Tunica, Mississippi, ten guilty verdicts of voter fraud were returned yesterday against NAACP officer Lessadolla Sowers. She was sentenced to five years for each count without the possibility of parole and will serve the terms concurrently. Sowers manipulated the absentee ballot process in the 2007 election. Absentee ballots in Mississippi are notoriously subject to voter fraud. The District Court opinion in United States v. Ike Brown provides another outrageous example of systemic voter fraud in the casting of absentee ballots in Mississippi. Brown was also a NAACP and Democratic party official.


  3. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    speaking of politics……

    Trump said today he has people looking into Obama and he has a big announcement coming soon. I am wondering if it’s about Obama’s Social Security Number.

  4. suyts says:

    Now, I’m wondering if most of the eco-terrorists of this world does that type of shit? Really? Is he that stupid? Is it all that it amounts to is projection? Who in the hell has a hot water heater that allows you to turn the shower on and go “downstairs to maybe grab breakfast, leave the water running,…” ….. and why? People buy bottled water by the case? For what? Why in the hell does he leave his TVs on? Is he afraid someone in his house won’t see who won the idol contest? And this moron, who celebrates earthday doesn’t understand the earth will recycle your bottles anyway? How many light bulbs did he stock up on to still have all incandescent? Or does this hypocrite still find places that have them on the shelves?

    Its projection! This moron believes because he can’t constrain himself that others can’t either and there should be laws because he can’t constrain himself.

    I have one TV. It’s never on. Except, when there’s football to watch. My heater is set to keep me and my family warm. My hot-water heater doesn’t have the capacity to allow me and mine to run and eat breakfast and then shower………wtf? Who does that? and why? If half of those goofy bastards act like that then it is no wonder why we have electric shortages. They want laws to be passed to mandate their behavior because they believe we all act in the same asinine manner!!!!!! What kind of weak minded individual does it take to conceive such nonsense? Mandate to me because you can’t constrain yourself to do something sensible? ASSBAG!!! Just because you know no self-restraint you would take liberties from others? POS.

  5. suyts says:

    On an aside, timber rattlers in the house aren’t cool. Worse, guns that wont cock are less than cool, too. Fortunately, cousins live near enough. Kitty was a bit scarert, that was a big SOB. But they all look big when they’re striking.

  6. Old Goat says:

    Are you SURE that is St. Al Gore? It looks very much like St. David Mitchell to me – mind you, they’re both about as useful as each other…

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