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Hansenlocks And The Three Scenarios

In 1988, Hansenlocks was lost in the climate forest when she stumbled upon the home of three scenarios. She was hot from having sabotaged the air conditioner, and looked for some Kool-Aid to cool down. First she tried scenario A, … Continue reading

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Hansen : “Venus Syndrome is a dead certainty”

The world’s “top-rated” climate scientist implies that 437 degrees is on the way real soon. The top-rated climate scientist in the world, James Hansen from NASA stated, “If we burn all reserves of oil, gas, and coal, there is a … Continue reading

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Global Warming Causing More Atlantic Hurricane Losses

“[…] a marked increase in the number of weather-related events. For instance, globally, loss-related floods have more than tripled since 1980, and windstorm natural catastrophes more than doubled, with particularly heavy losses from Atlantic hurricanes. This rise cannot be explained … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize Winner : All Bad Weather Now Due To Man Made CO2

Fires in Russia, droughts in the Southwest, and floods in Pakistan all have one thing in common, according to former Vice President Al Gore, and it’s that they’re all effects of global warming. http://thinksb.com/

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Army Corps Of Engineers : Sea Level Rise Rates Have Slowed

There is almost a balance with 30 gauge records showing deceleration and 27 showing acceleration, clustering around 0.0 mm/y2. The mean is a slight deceleration of -0.0014 +/- 0.0161 mm/y2 (95%) http://www.jcronline.org/doi/pdf/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-10-00157.1 h/t to Jimbo

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Turns Out Joshua Trees Are Fine After All

Over several months during fall and winter, dozens of volunteers fanned out across the Mojave Desert in search of the smallest Joshua tree they could find. They were part of a project to determine whether Joshua Tree National Park will … Continue reading

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“melting poles and dying forests and a heaving, corrosive sea, raked by winds, strafed by storms, scorched by heat.”

Superstition returns to the forefront of human thinking. http://www.salon.com/

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“Adm. Titley – Arctic Ocean will be essentially ice-free for about a month’ each year. “

Adm. Titley estimates that ‘sometime between 2035 and 2040 there is a pretty good chance that the Arctic Ocean will be essentially ice-free for about a month’ each year. http://the-diplomat.com/

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Greenland Ice Sheet : Only 96 Degrees Of Warming Needed To Get To The Freezing Point

Hansen’s meltdown begins! http://www.wunderground.com/

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Hansen Tones It Down : Only ‘5 meter sea level rise by 2100’

In a paper published by Columbia University, celebrity climate change activist and academic James Hansen has revealed predictions of a 5 meter sea level rise by 2100. http://www.theclimatehub.com/

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