Barrow Meltdown Continues

-20C and rotten ice now five feet thick.


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5 Responses to Barrow Meltdown Continues

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    That photo clearly shows an ice free Arctic, complete with dancing native girls, palm trees and golden sand.

  2. Baa Humbug says:

    If you really concentrate, the light posts look like palm trees and you can see bathers in bikinis sunbaking on the beach. I think I need a woman bad lol

  3. Anything is possible says:

    It would be a very interesting exercise to compare the recorded air temperatures at the SIZOnet site, with those measured in the centre of Barrow. If temperatures in Barrow are shown to be significantly higher, the most (only?) logical explanation would be the UHI effect.

    The next question is, if there is a significant UHI effect in Barrow, how much of it is being extrapolated 1250km across the Arctic Ocean to justify Dr. Hansen’s colouring it all pink.

    If anyone out there can find a way of obtaining the raw data from the SIZOnet site, I would be up for doing the comparison and sharing the (non-peer reviewed!) results for everyone’s consideration.

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