Hansen Explains That Too Little Ice Makes The Climate Cold

The loss of sea ice may also be driving Arctic air into the middle latitudes. Winter weather patterns are notoriously chaotic, and the GISS analysis finds seven of the last 10 European winters warmer than the average from 1951 to 1980. The unusual cold in the past two winters has caused scientists to begin to speculate about a potential connection to sea ice changes.


Next time you want a frozen margarita, remember to not put any ice in it.

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5 Responses to Hansen Explains That Too Little Ice Makes The Climate Cold

  1. Paul H says:

    Could this be the same James Hansen who forecast in April 2006 –

    We suggest that an El Nino is likely to originate in 2006 and that there is a good chance it will be a “super El Nino”, rivaling the 1983 and 1997-1998 El Ninos, which were successively labeled the “El Nino of the century” as they were of unprecedented strength in the previous 100 years.

  2. Hansen is full of BS. I said enough on this, in previous postings.

  3. s I challenge Hansen, that the extent or lack of extent of sea ice had nothing to do with the AO oscillation, and hence cold winters.

    Rather it was a combination of prolong low solar activity and high latitude volcanic activity, which caused a more -AO ,which in turn caused colder winters in the mid latitudes.

    Further , this is just the start of this ,since we are in a prolong solar minimum, and I expect as this decade progresses, the AO will be mostly negative, which in turn will promote more of the winters we have had of late,along with overall global cooling.

    A connection between sea ice and cold winters , is almost as bad as the connection between increase co2 and warmer global temperatures. I don’t know which one is more ridiculous.

    As I have said the state of climatalogy is sad. Mainstream climatalogy is clueless when it comes to what governs earth’s climatic system. A bunch of baffoons.

  4. Tory says:

    I wonder if this guy knows just what a fool he’ll be regarded as in the annals history. Surely, he must. No one’s that dumb.

  5. Gator says:

    “Yeah! That’s the ticket!”

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