What Would 350 Do For Us?

Another RRTM experiment.

If we reduced CO2 back to the good old days of 350 ppm (1988) that would reduce downwelling longwave radiation in the tropics by a massive 0.03%.

By contrast, a 1% change in humidity (which happens every few minutes) has three times as much effect. The CO2 religion is a complete joke.


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1 Response to What Would 350 Do For Us?

  1. Jimbo says:

    Co2 is a satanic gas. Water vapour is not a greenhouse gas. Global warming causes earthquakes. See, it’s easy to lie.

    Historians will look back at this time of madness and ask themselves how smart scientists could have gone along with this brazen hoax? The answer can be found in research funding. Lots of it!

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