Kim Jong Il’s Palace And Racetrack

Rush hour in Pyongyang. No cars. No CO2. No global warming. The perfect place to live.

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3 Responses to Kim Jong Il’s Palace And Racetrack

  1. R. de Haan says:

    No rush hour but they still have an Urban Heat Island Effect.

    We simply have to eliminate humanity to get rid of those problems.

  2. chris y says:

    N Korea is only ranked 110th in per capita CO2 emissions, which we consent to according to the peerreviewedliterature, is the only TRUE measure of quality of life.

    Some other highlights on the Wiki list for 2007 ‘polluting’ emissions-

    #1- Qatar- 55.4 tons/capita/annum
    #11- USA- 18.9
    #29- S Korea- 10.5
    #110- N Korea- 3
    #182- beloved Kenya- 0.3
    #190- Haiti- 0.2
    #210- Afghanistan- 0.0
    last- Mali- most consistently maintains 0.0 tons/capita/annum year after year after year.

    N. Korea needs to target at least a 95% reduction in CO2 emissions per capita to approach the environmental stewardship exemplified by Haiti.

  3. Jimbo says:

    You should have put up the night time picture that compares South and North Korea. 🙂

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