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HadCRUT Animations Since 1850

North America Europe/Asia Southern Hemisphere

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Texas Glaciers Melting Fast

T.Boone Pickens: “I am a geologist but I do believe global warming is a problem. Those glaciers are melting too fast for me.” Both responses were followed by applause from the audience. http://www.theadvertiser.com/ Translation : He has a lot of … Continue reading

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Torres Gets His Goal

He actually scored last week too, but was robbed by a clueless linesman.

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Warmist Bush Advisor Hoping For Massive Drought

“American politics can turn on a dime,” he says. “If our economy woes become smaller and we then face an extreme climatic event like a national draught, things might change.” http://www.spiegel.de/ h/t to Marc Morano

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January, 1926 : Temperature 4-10C Above Normal In The Arctic

10C above normal in Alaska Here is a Q&A I had with Walt Meier a couple of years ago.

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CO2 Denier James Hansen

These NASA heretics blame Arctic warming on something other than CO2. The  GISS warming trend falls apart without their Arctic pink. Dorothy Koch of Columbia University, N.Y. and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), New York, and James Hansen … Continue reading

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Comparing Apples To Oranges

The image on the left shows HadCRUT coverage in 1850. The image on the right shows HadCRUT coverage in March, 2011. In 1850, they covered less than 1/3 of the planet – yet report temperatures within 0.01 degrees. Also interesting … Continue reading

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Hot Weather Is Climate

HadCRUT anomaly August, 2010 Last summer we were told that the heat wave in Moscow was evidence of global warming. This claim is ridiculous, as we can see in HadCRUT data. The center of the heat wave was located in … Continue reading

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“700,000 ppm CO2 During The Jurassic”

[Update from Tony Duncan : “Just got this from John Roden. “The reporter did not quote me correctly. That happens. There were other errors in the article. I seem to get reporters that are not familiar with the nuances of … Continue reading

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CO2 Accounts For 1.3% Of The Greenhouse Effect In The Tropics

Schmidt’s study found that water vapor is indeed the largest single contributor to natural global warming, responsible for about 50 percent of the greenhouse effect. Following water vapor are clouds, contributing about 25 percent, and next comes carbon dioxide with … Continue reading

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