More Evidence That The IPCC Is Both Dishonest And Incompetent

This image is from a Google cache of the University Of Colorado Sea Level website. Access is currently forbidden. I wonder why?

h/t to Lonnie E. Schubert on WUWT and Latitude


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18 Responses to More Evidence That The IPCC Is Both Dishonest And Incompetent

  1. glacierman says:

    Have they learned nothing from their past practices of trying to hide inconvenient data? They should just get it out there and make some BS story up like the extra weight of CO2 from human activities is compressing the ocean, you know, something the mainstream media will lap up like a thirsty dog. Then we can have another new term: sea-level risefall – to add to the CAGW lexicon.

  2. suyts says:

    lol, they said they were updating their website…….. for over 2 months they’ve been updating their site!!!!! Doesn’t U of Colo. have any web design/programmers that can help with their “formatting” problem?

    • glacierman says:

      Cooking the books requires a delicate touch. It takes time to complete your creation in just the right way. It is art after all… can’t rush it.

    • Lance says:

      HEY, I just completed my banks website, can I apply for a mega grant to ‘adjust’ I mean develop there webpage?

  3. Latitude says:

    James, the only time you do it this way, is when you are re-formatting the data.
    Any other time, you would continue to use the old website until the new one is up and running…
    …then just transfer it over with one key stroke.

    You can’t transfer it over like that, if it doesn’t fit….
    …and the only reason it won’t fit is when you have changed the way the data is formulated….in other words, you changed the data

    • suyts says:


    • Squidly says:

      Well, being this is U of Colorado, filled with presumably bright individuals, and presumably complete with both IT department and Computer Science department, then one would think these well edumacated academic individuals would be well versed in design patterns, interface abstraction, business logic abstraction and data abstraction. Therefore, one would think the owners of such academic prowess and scientific genius would be able to feed any UI with any BL and any data. Face lifting their site is elementary at that point, lending itself to simple “skinning”. Logic and data should be completely independent. That is how we do things in the real world.

      Oh, wait, that’s right, this is academia, my bad… I guess I am just too wrapped up in the REAL world.

  4. Al Gored says:

    “More Evidence That The IPCC Is Both Dishonest And Incompetent”

    Need a new word to describe this… Discompetent? A Bad Liar could be condensed to a Bliar but Tony Bliar, former neocon poodle and now highly paid ‘climate change consultant’ already has that. Maybe that makes it fit even better?

    Off topic… this is bound to help necessarily skyrocket energy costs, as is The Plan of Barry’s masters:

  5. Anything is possible says:

    Somewhere in Colorado, a climate scientist is sticking pins in their Al Gore doll, and cursing him for ever having invented the Internet……..

  6. etudiant says:

    This is getting a little too excited.
    These charts are quite available here:
    on the U of Colorado site, uncensored and unrestricted.

    I believe that the WUWT approach of communicating interest and having a civil dialog is the fairest and most productive approach.
    That is especially so now when it is becoming obvious that a very fundamental reappraisal of the AGW meme is necessary, because reality is not conforming to expectations. The researchers should be encouraged to show their results, not pilloried, because the truth will out.

    • suyts says:

      etudiant, we are encouraging the researchers to show their results. They only get pilloried for not showing the truth. Thanks for the site. I would also be remiss if I didn’t point out the title of Steve’s posting…….. He’s attacking the IPCC not U of Colo.

      If people seem a bit quick to pull the trigger on the appearance of impropriety, that’s only because, as you know, we’re “once bitten, twice shy”. The blame for that sits squarely at the feet of researchers and climate science.

  7. Al Gored says:

    Maybe they’ll release the data on the sea level in Colorado. It probably hasn’t dropped as much there.

  8. chris y says:

    This is an interesting graph. It is labeled as drift rate, the difference between the Jason satellite elevation and presumably some coastal tide gauges that provide a reference check. The fact that it is negative and pretty large (-0.7 mm/yr), indicates that the Jason trend is lower than the coastal tide gauge trend. But since they measure completely different things (tide gauges are not sensitive to El Nino or La Nina bulges and troughs out in the middle of the oceans), what does the drift mean, if anything?

    To me it indicates that the satellite trends have bigger uncertainties than what is claimed. But Nils-Axel Morner covered this a while ago. He claims the entire 3 mm/yr trend is fabricated by correcting the satellite record to cherry-picked, subsiding tidal gauges.

  9. Mike Davis says:

    Global Mean Sea Level is a meaningless term! There is nothing scientific about as it can not be determined to any degree of accuracy. The reported figures are Wild Ass Guesses. Regional sea level is determined by specific factors and is dynamic and will remain dynamic until the end of time. Even regional Mean Sea Level is a guess. You find the highest tide level over a period of time and the lowest tide level over the same period the difference is the mean and means nothing. However the Highest expected tide and the lowest are useful information.
    Mean sea level does not tell me when a large ship can safely dock or how far back from the coast to build my building.

  10. slimething says:

    Shouldn’t there be photographic evidence of the last 150 years of sea level rise where shorelines have been encroached? Just wondering.

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