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160 Years Of Non-Warming In Scotland

HadCRUT Scotland temperatures since 1850.

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My UAH April Forecast

0.0C anomaly. In Fahrenheit that would be approximately 0.0F.

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Texas Temperatures Not Rising- Wisconsin Temperatures Not Rising

Below are the HadCRUT graphs for Texas and Wisconsin. http://hadobs.metoffice.com/hadcrut3/data/HadCRUT3v.nc Texas since the 1870s. Wisconsin since 1850. Why do climate scientists keep spreading misinformation?

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More Junk Science In Wisconsin

Rising temperatures could have a devastating impact on Wisconsin’s economy over the next decades, from a shrinkage in agricultural production to a meltdown of the American Birkebeiner ski marathon, according to a national report pegged to Earth Week. In fact, the … Continue reading

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Concern That Science May Face Extinction Due To Its Own Malfeasance

Many scientists are concerned that plant and animal species may face extinction due to global warming, but biologists at Washington University in St. Louis are trying to predict exactly what will happen to them. Which species will migrate? Which evolve? … Continue reading

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Puffington Host : If You Repeat A Lie Enough Times …

If your electrician tells you that there is a 30 percent risk that your house will set on fire if you do not change your cables, would you call another electrician? If the next electrician confirms the 30 percent risk, … Continue reading

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Greenland Stuck In The Deep Freeze

Forecast temperatures for the next four days.

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Another Aggie Joke

Texas fires push climate change hot buttons “By now, most people get that you can’t attribute any single weather event on global warming,” said John Nielsen-Gammon, the Texas state climatologist and a professor at Texas A&M University. Short-term weather, even … Continue reading

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Japan Still Getting Slammed By Earthquakes

The map below shows all the earthquakes in the last two weeks greater than 4.0 magnitude. http://www.iris.edu/servlet/eventserver/map.do

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Aggie Joke!

Aggie professor Jerry North hints that the near record cold La Nina was caused by global warming. “The current weather conditions are due to the La Niña weather pattern,” said Travis Miller, professor, associate head and extension program leader for … Continue reading

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