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The Boundary Line

The image above shows the humidity forecast for Wednesday night in the SE US. It was generated on NCAR’s WRF weather model, using GFS forecast boundary conditions. Note that southeast of the frontal boundary, H2O concentration in the atmosphere is … Continue reading

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What Causes Severe Weather?

I have discussed numerous times that severe weather is caused by differences in energy, normally across frontal boundaries. April has been characterized by very cold temperatures in half the US, and very warm temperatures in the other half. As cold … Continue reading

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Climate Superstition Has Become Undeniable

The classic symptoms of the witch-burning mentality. Blame every natural event (La Nina in this case) on the evil works of humans. Texas Governor Prays for Rain While Denying Climate Change As climate change denial has reached a fevered pitch … Continue reading

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1948-1956 : Extended La Nina Brought Severe Drought To Texas

http://news.google.com/newspapers http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/research/cag3/tx.html

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Would You Marry Someone Who Told You Every Five Minutes That You Needed To Change?

That would be living hell.

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Droughtflood Is Normal In The Amazon


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How Do People Get So Out Of Touch With Reality?

The Colorado River is headed for a major flood this summer, and a Denver newspaper is worried about reduced stream flows. Talk about old news. The Interior Department this week determined that global warming will reduce stream flows in wester … Continue reading

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