The Most Water Vapor In 650,000 Years!

Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, cloud forests are drying, and wildlife is scrambling to keep pace. It’s becoming clear that humans have caused most of the past century’s warming by releasing heat-trapping gases as we power our modern lives. Called greenhouse gases, their levels are higher now than in the last 650,000 years.

What will we do to slow this warming? How will we cope with the changes we’ve already set into motion? While we struggle to figure it all out, the face of the Earth as we know it—coasts, forests, farms and snow-capped mountains—hangs in the balance.

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6 Responses to The Most Water Vapor In 650,000 Years!

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Its ALL bad!! Greenhouse gases are SATANIC! There isn’t ANY good that can EVER come from it!

  2. Mike Davis says:

    Life on this globe has been hanging in the balance since life first started. Life is about struggle for survival or we would all be living in grass shacks on a beach some where collecting food off the nearest tree.
    People do not like being deceived and as realization sets in the back lash against the Chicken Little Brigade will not be pretty. I would not want to be even an apologist luke warmer.

  3. Jimbo says:

    Oh water vapour! Where are you?

  4. Justa Joe says:

    “…Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, cloud forests are drying, and wildlife is scrambling to keep pace. ”

    Just like always then

  5. suyts says:

    They forgot to mention all of the melt from the polar caps!! Surely this has increase the humidity!

    That’s right, 20 years of negligible imaginary “melt”. Let’s all run around screaming “We’re all gonna drown!!! We’re all gonna drown!!!”

  6. mikegeo says:

    I used to subscribe to Nat Geo for some years because my son liked to read it and it had some interesting historical articles. Then I started to notice the AGW bent, then it became an AGW treatise. Then I cancelled it.
    I briefly looked into why what used to be a straight up the middle geographic magazine felt compelled to adopt what was a political posture on a controversial subject. I never did get a solid answer, so I still don’t know if demographics of readership pushed them to adopt it, or alternatively whether the editorial board’s personal agendas just hijacked it in that direction.
    I think my son’s reading Playboy these days anyway.

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