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Barcelona #1 – Jose Can’t Cope

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Pikas Buried Under 15 Feet Of Snow Dying From The Heat

Study demonstrates clear connection between warming and rising extinction rates of the American pika for the first time, with implications for many species By Katherine Bagley, SolveClimate News Scientists have long understood that climate change has an effect on the … Continue reading

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Lots More Snow On The Way

Four day snow forecast for the Colorado River watershed.

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The Big Warming Is Now 40 Years Away

The effect of additional CO2 decreases logarithmically, so we can expect an exponential increase in temperature after 2050. You may be yearning for warmer days after what is shaping up to be one of the coldest Aprils in Western Washington’s … Continue reading

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Nature Not Dead Yet

It seemed like it would never happen, but we are actually having a nice day in Colorado today. Long’s Peak in the background. The sun was too bright and I couldn’t see the viewfinder, so I was just guessing what … Continue reading

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It Is Called “La Nina”

2011 has brought the worst US tornadoes and the worst Queensland floods since 1974. In 1974, CO2 was well below Hansen’s safe 350 ppm – so we can rule out CO2 as a cause. So what do 2011, 1974 (and … Continue reading

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PDF Is A Distraction

The layers of the pdf file are consistent with scan software that goes through several steps of image processing. It is just a distraction. The real issues (as I see it) are the validity of the original paper document, why … Continue reading

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