Disordered Minds

Higher temperatures in the mid-troposphere would make make the atmosphere more stable and produce fewer severe storms.

Similarly, polar amplification would reduce temperature differences between the equator and the poles, once again reducing the numbers of severe storms.

The reason we are seeing stormy weather over the last 12 months is because of La Nina – which makes the world cool.

People touting the global warming/severe storms idea are scientifically dysfunctional. Like Mr. Romm.

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1 Response to Disordered Minds

  1. Mike Davis says:

    As long as they tell the truth and say “the worst since” they are showing no new trend but a repeat of past conditions! The proper term is Variable Weather Conditions. Had the globe really been warming the Extreme weather events of this April would have been in Vermont rather than the South East! Warming drives extreme weather towards the polar regions.

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