Mann Explains Why Global Warming Is A Good Thing

The fact remains that there is 4 percent more water vapor–and associated additional moist energy–available both to power individual storms and to produce intense rainfall from them. Climate change is present in every single meteorological event, in that these events are occurring within a baseline atmospheric environment that has shifted in favor of more intense weather events.

– Michael Mann

Excellent. We can thank global warming for the longest stretch of hurricane free days in the US since the Civil War. We can also thank global warming for the decline in severe tornadoes from 1975-2000.

Using Mann’s logic, global warming has saved countless lives.

The weather has been much better than the 1930s, so thank global warming. There simply wasn’t enough CO2 in the air in 1930 to prevent the Dust Bowl.


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2 Responses to Mann Explains Why Global Warming Is A Good Thing

  1. nofreewind says:

    Why does this 2010 NOAA report say H2O vapor is down 10%
    The greenhouse gasses link here shows the same

  2. Mike Davis says:

    Every research project De Mann is involved in has been shown to be worthless trash and Regressives are still quoting him!
    This is the guy that kept the Chaff and threw away the grain. He smoothed out the signal so much that only the noise was left! In the electronic world it is the result of using the wrong filters or not recognizing the signal. Lack of proper training is the usual cause.

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