Making It Up In Montana

Global warming fears seem to derive from a lack of knowledge about both the present and past.

In 2005, Governor Brian Schweitzer, recognizing the “profound consequences that global warming could have on the economy, environment, and quality of life in Montana,” appointed the Climate Change Action Committee to develop a Climate Change Action Plan for Montana. The governor did this because the facts were clear then: we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to save our Montana way of life for future generations.

The impacts of climate change in Montana are widespread and obvious now. They include melting and disappearing glaciers, stressed water supplies, increased frequency and intensity of wildfires, loss of wildlife and fisheries, and threats to human health.

Which Montana are they talking about? The one which is frozen?

or the one which had unimaginably large forest fires 100 years ago?

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3 Responses to Making It Up In Montana

  1. Dan says:

    Looks like as a state its temperature hasn’t changed much over the last 120 years

  2. Mike Davis says:

    As much as I enjoyed visiting the state and general region their climate left a lot t be desired and there was no indication it would become close to temperate. I labeled it TFC, To Friggin Cold! The Forest Fire issue and the water issues were the deciding factor after the cold.

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