New Legal Judgement From Holder : OK For The President To Tell Troops To Break Into The House Of An Accused Man And Shoot Him In The Head

(If it is politically expedient.)

Clearly shooting someone in the head is more humane than depriving them of sleep in Guantanamo.

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21 Responses to New Legal Judgement From Holder : OK For The President To Tell Troops To Break Into The House Of An Accused Man And Shoot Him In The Head

  1. Latitude says:

    aren’t these the same people that were screaming to have every picture of Abu Ghraib released?

    …..what about Daniel Pearl

    …we sat and watched people having to jump out of a building

    ..what about the two contractors dead bodies they couldn’t wait to show on TV

    And the intelligence that made getting Osama possible…
    …was gathered by the same CIA agents that are being prosecuted by our Attorney General Holder right now

  2. Not more humane … more expeditious with an election coming up.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  3. slimething says:

    How do we know who actually shot him?

  4. Deadman says:

    Details of Obama’s decisive leadership have been released.

  5. Tony Duncan says:


    Once again it is great to read that conservatives are now coming to understand what the left has been saying for many years, especially since Cheney decided the executive branch (of which he was not a part, so as not to have to be transparent about much of anything) had the power to do anything. except of course for a few commies like Ashcroft and Comey, Goldsmith and Mueller.

    • GregW says:

      It’s the hypocrisy. The left only had anything to say because Bush and Cheney were Republicans. Most of the leftists now seem to be okay with the extrajudicial killing of a man, yet they were outraged by a mere interrogation method such as waterboarding, calling it torture! Even the existence of the Guantanamo prison gave most of them the vapors, yet blowing an unarmed man’s head off is hunky dory. I notice the prison is still there, by the way and the expressions of horror from the left are silent.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        as usual you confuse the democrats with the left. There are only a very few democrats that are leftists (Kucinich, Sanders, Gravja). The left has been very vocal against all the things you mention.
        Your characterization of water boarding as being “mere” ignores the thousands that were tortured in a variety of ways completely at odds with The Uniform Code of Military Justice. Obama has not changed most of this and is roundly criticized for it. General Taguba was fired for telling the truth, as have a number of other principled military
        Most left organizations and sites have been constantly attacking Obama for not closing Guantanamo, continuing torture, continuing unconstitutional surveillance, authorizing assassination, etc.

    • Why are you trying to pigeonhole me?

      • Tony Duncan says:


        This is the only issue where I have seen you express an idea that was not touted by current leading conservatives. Of course I consider this view to be exactly conservative. it is the constitutional view, and the conservatives. like Bacevish,. that i admire are very clear about it and have been throughout Bush’s and Obama’s presidency.

  6. GregW says:

    By the way, Bin Laden was an evil Islamofascist who killed several thousand civilians in his fanatical hatred of the US and Israel, and deserved to die. I for one am glad Obama killed Osama. But that doesn’t mean I should trust the man who had Willam Ayres and Jeremiah Wright as his friends and mentors.

  7. GregW says:

    I wasn’t thinking of ultra-leftists like Kucinich and hard-core socialists like Sanders and Michael Moore, but there’s sometimes not a lot of difference between a leftist and a left-leaning liberal. To me it isn’t necessary to be able categorize them all precisely to say many Democrats lean left. Kerry, Kennedy, Kucinich, Boxer, Pelosi, Obama – the list goes on and on. A lot of Democrats were shedding crocodile tears over Guantanamo, not to mention Abu Ghraib which was an aberration, not deliberate policy, and yet most Democrats seem quite happy with Osama’s killing. Is this not hypocrisy?

    • Tony Duncan says:


      Calling Sanders a hard core socialist is like calling Lindsey Graham a John Bircher. Sanders would be kicked out of any socialist party in the world. Yes sometimes there is not a big difference between a leftist and left leaning liberal, there is s difference when it comes to being consistent about the bill of rights. Kucinich has consistently attacked Bush for those offenses and he has consistently attacked Obama for the same. There is a movement among leftists to impeach Obama, some some of the same reasons as they moved to impeach Bush. Connecting Pelosi with Kucinich is ludicrous in this context.
      While I agree to a certain extent that Abu Graib was an aberration, it occurred because of specific administration policies and there continue to be gross violations of the UCMJ throughout our military sphere of influence

      • GregW says:

        I doubt that Dennis Kucinich represents more than a tiny percentage of the liberal/left in America but if you and he feel it’s “a travesty that Obama has…authorized assassination” then I suppose you deserve some kind of credit for that, misguided though you generally be.

        For the rest of the Democrats I think this quote from Jim Treacher is apropos:
        “Just so we’re clear: Dampening a terrorist’s forehead is bad. Putting a bullet hole in it is good. Keeping a terrorist awake for days at a time is bad. Making him sleep forever is good. Glad we got that straightened out.”

        Read more:

      • Tony Duncan says:

        I looked at the link you posted,
        and to my mind it is mostly straight propaganda, filled with distortions,

        but in general the sentiment of that quote is right on. Except that it treats torture as dampening someone head, and not letting a poor terrorist get a good night slight, which again is pure propaganda

  8. GregW says:

    I guess this thread is dead, but really! Tony – “the thousands that were tortured” As far as we know three people were waterboarded.

    And speaking of Obama:
    “Still, the operation cannot but underscore the mind-bending inconsistencies in Obama’s counterterrorism — gold-plated due process for some 9/11 terrorists but assassination for others; the haste to close Gitmo even as it continues to serve valuable security purposes; the paralysis of interrogation policies that were key to obtaining intelligence that not only thwarts attacks but enabled us to find bin Laden; the crackdown against al Qaeda while engaging the Muslim Brotherhood despite its sustenance of Hamas; the avowed commitment to fight terrorism while demonstrating indifference to the promotion of terrorism by Iran, Syria, and other rogue regimes…

    • Tony Duncan says:


      I specifically referred to the Uniform code of Military Justice, not specifically water boarding. Much of the detention policy in Guantanamo and to some extent which we don;t really know much about overseas is in direct conflict with UCMJ. it is a disgrace to the military that Obama did not demand universal compliance. It is a travesty that Obama has not ended renditions and has authorized assassination. There literally are thousands of prisoners who are under direct or indirect Us control that have been tortured by any reasonable definition of the term.
      And there has been no paralysis of interrogation procedures. these has been a stepping down of coercive techniques that are inhumane, and in many respect counter productive. There are a huge number of professional interrogators who have publicly complained that there job was much much harder because of the EIT (torture) utilized by Cheney et al.
      Your assertions about the efficacy and results are just that assertions. And if your only concern is effectiveness in the most limited sense, then you throw any morality out the window, and open the door to barbarism, which is exactly what Cheney did.
      your other assertions are just propaganda. The crackdown on Al Qaida? Wasn’t it Bush that paid and armed Sunni enemies that had killed americans in order to wipe out Al Qaidi in Iraq? Hamas like Al Qaida was supported By israel as a means of disrupting the PLO. Hamas just crackdown on a violent Al Qaida related group that complained Hamas was not militant enough.
      While iran Syria and others do promote terrorism, so does the United States. and it has for generations. I have no love for any of those regimes, but portraying Obama as indifferent to those countries and their policies is just propaganda

      • GregW says:

        One man’s propaganda may be another man’s truth. Here’s another succinct comment.

        ” Remember: Pouring water on a terrorist’s face goes against our core values as Americans. You gotta break into his house and shoot him in the eyes.”

        Many a true word is spoken in jest.

      • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

        Or send them to Guantanamo and feed them their indigenous food and they can gain 15 pounds while the US troops eat latrine food. I got it.

  9. Squidly says:

    Hey Tony, I suggest you dig a little deeper into history and gain a bit of perspective. Your driving off the reservation pal….

  10. slimething says:

    Tony Duncan,
    What does it mean to be “Left”?

  11. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    I think you are trying to make the point that political appointees have double standards.

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