Nice Day Today – Thanks To CO2

The weather is fine here today. Global warming is unequivocal and causes all weather now, so thank you SUV drivers!

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5 Responses to Nice Day Today – Thanks To CO2

  1. suyts says:

    lmao!!! I was thinking the same thing going to work this morning!!

    A nice warm sun heating the world! I’m sure the weather sucks somewhere, but I think today, in SE Kansas, it’ll be the nicest day we’ve had this year……….. weather wise.

  2. Latitude says:

    Picked up a copy of the new Science Illustrated.
    Article about the Sun’s magnetic events controlling weather in Europe.
    They didn’t beat the global warming drum at all this time.
    Said during periods of low solar activity, the sun emits less ultraviolet radiation, which changes the jet stream, changes the winds in the troposphere, leaving Europe open to cold winds from the northeast…….

  3. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Now if they’ll lower the price of gas…….. More nice weather from suvs!!!

  4. Justa Joe says:

    Only bad weather can be attributed to AGW. Good weather (for humans not ducks) is a product of the normally perfect balance of nature. SUV’s can only do harmful things to the ‘climate’ for some reason, which has yet to be adequately explained.

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    Every day was a beautiful day before AGW. The 1925 tornado that killed 700+ and the Galveston Hurricane that killed 6,000+ in 1900 were just invented to sell newspapers Same with the Johnstown Flood of 1889 that killed 2,000+.

    The Dust Bowl was just a figment of John Steinbeck’s imagination.

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