CO2 Decides Not To Trap Heat In North America

Human generated CO2 has been demonstrated to be a very tricky and deceptive molecule. In some places it blocks outgoing longwave radiation, but for unexplained reasons the troublesome little buggers have chosen not to do that in North America.

Climate change hardly visible in North America
Canada, U.S. buck trend, scientists say


When your lawn scorches or the geraniums croak, it may be premature to blame global warming. One of the world’s top science journals says climate hasn’t changed in most of North America -yet.

Disclaimer : CO2 reserves the right to start trapping excess heat at any time.


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5 Responses to CO2 Decides Not To Trap Heat In North America

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    But remember, when the warming does start, it will be super exponential and then some! Even if the current polar bears are not going to die, their great grandchildren are still in peril!!!

  2. pwl says:

    All over the world the Man Caused Catastrophic CO2 Climate Doomsday Global Warming Change only ever happens to people living on the other side of the planet. Never locally. Never actually catastrophic. Never actually doomsday. Never realizing the biological fact of science that CO2 helps most plants grow bigger and faster.

  3. mohatdebos says:

    This can’t be right. What about all the studies that show insects, birds, and animals dying or being forced to move north or to higher altitudes because of global warming? Even worse, I thought growing seasons were becoming shorter, and water levels in lakes were declining across North America (please ignore record high Lake Chamberlain. That’s real, but doesn’t show up in models.).

  4. Chris F says:

    This is just more propaganda because they know the public isn’t seeing any real changes and doesn’t buy their lies. The idea is to instill in North American minds that it’s worse everywhere else in the world and it’s unavoidably going to come here.

  5. Jimash says:

    It is May 7th in New Jersey. There have been about 4 days that I didn’t need a coat or sweater.
    Have mowed the lawn Once.
    The trees just this week unfurled their leaves.

    I had occasion to show one starry eyed AGW believer a satellite picture of the
    Northern Hemisphere covered in snow, which he assumed was a simulation of Ice Age conditions.
    When I pointed out that it was a picture from space taken a mere 10 weeks ago, (Feb.2011 )
    this numbskull retorted that it was not the entire hemisphere because the Sahara still had no snow.
    This is the level of credulity and blind stubborn stupid we have to deal with.

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