Head On Collision Coming For Warmists


The light at the end of the tunnel for the Arctic meltdown cult, is actually a train barreling towards them at 90 MPH.

They have been fed continuous exaggerations about almost all aspects of the Arctic.

  1. Hottest year ever
  2. Hottest winter ever in the Arctic
  3. Record thin ice
  4. Record low extent
  5. Ice is rotten
  6. Record loss of Greenland glacial ice
  7. Record hot pink temperatures
  8. Fundamental change in the behavior of Arctic ice
  9. Fastest warming place on Earth …..

etc. With a second year of La Nina possibly looming, they are facing a crisis which will force them to suspend any semblance of honesty or integrity.


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22 Responses to Head On Collision Coming For Warmists

  1. omnologos says:

    yup, they only have to be wrong once, and the train will fall off the rails. Come to think it’s already happened…

    • Jimbo says:

      It’s called a slow motion trainwrek. The day for fethering and tarring is looming. There must be real fear among the rent seekers that what we are seeing is a climate shift which will render global warming caput. End of careers built around continued warming.

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    One difference this year from last may be that Baffin Bay now appears clogged with ice. That may prevent warm water from getting into the Arctic ocean and slow the warming process. In any event, except for unimportant places along the southern edges, there has not been much melt so far. From what little I know, there might be a nice rebound this melt season.

    • Rick Pay says:

      Andy I would think any warm water will just pass under the Baffin Bay ice clog since the ice isn’t grounded. However it may stop the wind and current from pushing ice out of the colder northern arctic area to the faster melting locals to the south. I can’t remember if it was Steven who had all the good posts about currents pushing sea ice out of the arctic in 2007 or some other blogger but they were very informative about the degree of warmth caused melting in the north vs the transporting of ice out of the arctic by wind and current.

  3. MikeTheDenier says:

    Warmist aren’t the only ones about to have a head-on collison

    Obama’s ‘Gangster Politics’ The president is about to order companies that do business with the federal government to disclose their political donations.


  4. Andy Weiss says:


    Not being a professional scientist, I would think the warm water would be at least be cooled a bit passing under ice, but could be wrong. As they say, a little knowledge can be dangerous when you really don’t know for sure.

  5. Traitor in Chief says:

    Rather than Baffin Bay, the key area is the Fram Strait:

    Here’s the source:


  6. Sundance says:

    “With a second year of La Nina possibly looming, they are facing a crisis which will force them to suspend any semblance of honesty or integrity.”

    Shouldn’t this be, “With a second year of La Nina possibly looming, they are facing a crisis which will force them to suspend their lack of honesty or integrity”?

  7. Lance says:

    I predict that we will have melting in the Arctic this summer.
    This fall, it will stop
    This winter, it will freeze up again.

    Has always happen in the past!
    Sometimes, more, sometimes less.

    However everyone, RUN TO THE HILLS!!!

  8. Latitude says:

    You know, the warmesitas use the Arctic because it’s ice floating on water and is the most unstable….
    …oh the drama

  9. Squidly says:

    @ MikeTheDenier says: May 7, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    Holy crap, more scary shit from this POS POTUS and his gangsters. I would encourage people here to read that article.

    Thanks Mike!

  10. Anything is possible says:

    According to the ijis record :


    Sea ice extent gained 26,000 km2 yesterday. Any kind of extent gain in May is very unusual, and as far as I can tell it is the highest single-day gain in extent in May in the ijis record.

    Now it is only one day, the record only dates back to 2003, and I am not a climate scientist, so I am not going to overplay the significance of this, but I thought it was worthy of note……..

    • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

      Nice AiP!

      only increase in May on JAXA record?

      • Anything is possible says:

        “only increase in May on JAXA record?”

        An increase of 31.000 km2 over 3 days (25th-28th May 2004) was the only other instance I could find.

  11. NikFromNYC says:

    We thinkers had it too easy though, via simple singular foe. Imagine, ivory towers fallen. Be that Renaissance, Dark Age or Civil War? I honestly don’t know. Oh look! I see Creationists mounting that hill.

  12. Anything is possible says:

    Just reading the nsidc Arctic Sea ice report for April :


    and came across this absolute “doozy” of a quote :

    Snow cover update
    Warm conditions in central Russia, linked to the positive phase of the Arctic Oscillation, promoted an early retreat of snow cover in a broad band stretching from the Urals to far eastern Siberia. However, in North America several late snowstorms led to higher-than-average monthly snow extents in the northern Plains states and western Canadian provinces. Greater-than-average snowcover was seen in the Tibetan plateau and east of the Urals.

    In summary : An early retreat of snow cover east of the Urals led to a greater than average snow cover!

    You couldn’t make it up!

    • Peter Ellis says:

      No, the early retreat stretched “from the Urals to far eastern Siberia”, i.e. west of the Urals. Perhaps a look at an atlas is in order? Or, indeed, the picture included in the NSIDC report next to the words you quote.

      • Anything is possible says:

        The NSIDC map works just fine as long as you remember that Russia is shown upside-down so you have to reverse the directions as compared to the USA.

        Easy mistake to make, though. Not at all the kind of thing that would lead me to conclude that Peter Ellis is a complete and utter idiot.

      • Latitude says:


  13. drewski says:

    “Hottest year ever
    Hottest winter ever in the Arctic
    Record thin ice
    Record low extent
    Ice is rotten
    Record loss of Greenland glacial ice
    Record hot pink temperatures
    Fundamental change in the behavior of Arctic ice
    Fastest warming place on Earth …..”

    And the exaggerations are?

    • Since you believe all these things, how much money are you betting on a record minimum this summer? If those things were true, this summer will be nearly ice free.

  14. Andy Weiss says:

    Good point, Steve.

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