Paranoia Will Destroy Ya …….


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14 Responses to Paranoia Will Destroy Ya …….

  1. Mike Davis says:

    If you put the picture of Chicken little next to the one you show it is hard to determine who is who! I am of the belief that we are seeing the offspring of Chicken Little and a weasel or a lizard! It is the eyes that give away the interbreeding!

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    Yes, some type of genetic mutation which resulted from too much LSD back in college.

  3. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Baghdad Romm, Barney Fife of the left, standing guard over the sacred global warming propaganda.

    He really thinks Roger Pielke Jr. is the only one with these questions about global warming? He really thinks Roger Pielke Jr. is trying to smear Al Gore and all other people that promote global warming? This is what comes from the mind of Baghdad Romm?

  4. Mike Davis says:

    Romm is cutting his own throat because both Pielkes believe humans contribute to global warming but it needs to be presented better!

  5. Anything is possible says:

    Some people have speculated that Joe Romm’s true purpose is to undermine the whole global warming argument by presenting it in a such an extreme way that people are more inclined to reject it. They may be onto something…..

    Those of you understandably sceptical that Romm is smart enough to pull off such a devious strategy should bear in mind that it is a lot easier for smart people to pretend to be incredibly dumb, and pull it off, than it is for dumb people to pretend to be incredibly smart……

    Only joking…

    ……….Or am I? (:-

  6. rw says:

    He’s also pretty inept at concocting acronyms.

    “False Narrative Industrial Complex” ???

    Maybe we’ve so many hysterias and general alarums over the past few decades that the names are beginning to bleed into each other.

  7. Latitude says:

    Is anyone else amazed by what people think are Glamor Shots?

  8. Jimash says:

    Calling Al Gore to “confirm” some climate information, is a lot like calling Bernie Madoff to ask how your stock holdings are doing.

  9. Squidly says:

    Sooooo tired of this idiot…. beyond annoying.

  10. Sleepalot says:

    This story has no source. Is it nearby?

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