Everyone Agrees : World To Heat Four Degrees


The science is clear. The next 5-10 years have been identified as a critical period for action and, without significant reductions in global emissions in the very near future, we will be facing a world that it is (on average) four degrees warmer. Droughts, heatwaves, bushfires and floods will become much worse, and our ability to live well in such a world is highly uncertain. Ideally, this would not be the case, but it seems that everyone who studies this material says it is.


At current rates of heating, it will require infinity years to warm four degrees.

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11 Responses to Everyone Agrees : World To Heat Four Degrees

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    EVERYONE. Don’t you just love that word? Makes you feel so out of step.

  2. Their insistence that the world is warming, when it obviously is not, means they are thoroughly deluded, to the point of insanity, and obviously by the unquestioned dogmas they call “settled science”. No one promulgating either global warming or the greenhouse effect should even be in science, much less an authority in it — the real science against them is that clear, to those of us who are able to observe, and think, clearly, and who are not impressed by either inherited dogma or majority rule in science.

  3. Lance says:

    Of course its warming! I saw pink in the Arctic, … of course, where they have no thermometers, extrapolate 1200 km?, and then adjust(always up too)
    How silly of me to think it might be cooling (why was there snow in my yard from winter still in May?) ….nah…

    run to the hills!

  4. glacierman says:

    Did anyone notice the Freudian slip: “Droughts, heatwaves, bushfires and floods will become much worse,”

    Of course, they are Bushfires, because he obviously caused them by not signing Kyoto.

  5. suyts says:

    Well yes, the last 30 in aggregate, as witnessed by the graphic, has reaped a total of 0.4 degrees warming. Maybe the pinhead was talking about 300 years from now. But then everyone agrees on that, right?

  6. mohatdebos says:

    Please. Please. Steve or someone who has read the Science article that found no evidence of warming in North America comment on the results. I am puzzled as to how the hundreds of peer reviewed papers reported on the consequences for humans, animals, plants, birds, and insects of global warming when the underlying data does not show any warming (in North America)!

  7. I presume everybody here has been following the sad Singh story at Bishop Hill?

  8. Scott says:

    Looks to me like a drop of ~0.05 C in the last 10 years. So no, not there in infinity years…more like we were there 800 years ago. Guess it was a MWP, LOL.


  9. Tom Harley says:

    I prefer being called ‘Nobody’, after the Indian chap in the movie “Dead Man”…

  10. Laurie Bowen says:

    ”In logic, an argumentum ad populum . . . . ”

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