Prejudice Found!

I posted a WSJ article a few weeks ago discussing Carol Browner’s plans to work with Joe Romm, and got this angry post.

Pat Perkins says:

just goes to show that nothing this president does is ever going to be ok with the prejudiced,and ignorant folks,who are still sucking on lemons having lost the election.

The logic is simple. Obama is black, so any hint of criticism of anyone in his administration is obviously due to racial prejudice.

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25 Responses to Prejudice Found!

  1. Latitude says:

    I’ve never understood this….

    Obama won the election, but calls the very people that voted for him racists…..

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    Who the F is Pat Perkins?

    • suyts says:

      Obviously no one of any pertinence.

      Can’t argue the merits…….. start attacking morality. Its a weak and transparent tactic.

  3. MikeTheDenier says:



  4. Daniel Packman says:

    The charge of racism is hard to prove, after all, it goes to finding out underlying motives. But it stems from bewildering criticism that rises to the level of irrationality. People who used to be strong on defense now seem like terrorist apologists.

    • Right. People who claimed to respect the rule of law less than three weeks ago have completely tossed it out the window. In April Obama/Holder were still complaining about military trials for 9-11 terrorists.

    • suyts says:

      Daniel, this could easily be explained by other causes. In general, the American public hates being openly lied to. When persons of power engage in such behavior, the public has a visceral and palpable reaction, in that they will automatically assume untoward motives to all subsequent(and previous in retrospect) actions by the people that have such a blatant disregard for truth, the public’s intelligence, and even the public’s will. In other words, this dynamic is simply a reaping of what was sown.

    • Dave G says:

      No it’s not Dan, just follow Al Sharpton, J Jackson etc… Exp. “The 3 lacrosse players and the black hooker” she’s in big trouble now “MSM” quiet, the 20 plus black men that raped and sodomized a 14 year old hispanic girl at a trl in Texas last year “MSM” quiet!! if it was 20 plus whites well OMG there would be non stop coverage from the “MSM” lets not forget the Army doc who slaughtered “Our solders on an Army base” but we can’t jump to any conclusions according to Potus and Holder and GEEZ what about that black abortion doc, “MSM” quiet!! Oh and the funeral home owned and operated by a black family who disgraced their own RACE by using old plots to replace new burials!! It was heart wrenching watching the relatives not knowing what happened to their loved ones!! and yet no Sharpton or Jackson? Need I go on…

    • Phil. says:

      What charge of racism? ‘Steve Goddard’ was accused of being prejudiced against President Obama which is clear from his many posts on here. There was no suggestion that this was ‘racial’ prejudice, in fact the suggestion was that it was because the wrong party won the election! Steve is clearly prejudiced against Democrats.

      • Exactly! I am prejudiced against liars and hypocrites.

      • glacierman says:

        He said prejudiced and ignorant. It is not ignorant to be prejudiced against liars and hypocrites that are destroying the nation.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        unlike republicans who never tell lies. most recently Jon Kyl’s 90% of planned parenthood is about abortions. because he was just making a POINT, not a factual statement. And THEN had it changed in the congressional record so that people wouldn’t misunderstand. Good thing we have Glen Beck to straighten….. whoops I guess I am behind the times.

  5. Traitor in Chief says:

    Note to Obamanauts: Conservatives don’t care about Obama’s skin. That’s the LAST thing we’re worried about.

    We’re more than a little concerned that the man spent many years in a “church” where the typical sermon was titled “God Damn America!”

    We’re concerned when the CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce, who voted for Obama, now says it was one of the dumbest things he’s ever done, and after personally meeting and working with Obama, says the President is a Marxist.

    We’re concerned when this man has the most vaporous, mystery filled life of any President in history, and has surrounded himself with Terrorists (Ayers, Van Dorn), Communists and Socialists (Van Jones/Browner, et al), Mobsters (Rezko), Tax Cheats (Geithner,et al), Eco-Psycho Malthusian Pop Bombers (Holdren), and embraces the cabal of America hating dictators around the globe. What a crowd of sweethearts! What to worry?

    He’s dropped enforcement of our Southern border, and created an official state run website to encourage illegal aliens to seek legal action against US corporations.

    He’s shut down production of our domestic oil supply, yet lends Billions of OUR MONEY to Brazil, promising to “Be their best customer” when THEIR people are employed and THEIR oil is flowing, paying taxes to THEIR country… ??? If you’ve been sucked in by the watermelon Enviro movement, here is your chance for redemption. Observe and be enlightened: It isn’t about the environment. It’s about the destruction of America.

    But why look at reality when you can tell yourself it’s ignorance and racism?

    • Daniel Packman says:

      You make my point. If you think these “concerns” are reality and have anything to do with policy issues, you need help. You have a mixture of guilt by association, meaningless namecalling (marxist), and complete lies (shut down domestic oil production). Get a grip.

    • Tony Duncan says:


      thanks for making my above point. That Jon Kyle thing was SO amateur compared to your amazing disgorgement above. Kudos to you!
      Though I think even the Republican party would back off from one or two of those statements.

    • Jimash says:

      “We’re concerned when this man has the most vaporous, mystery filled life of any President in history, and has surrounded himself with Terrorists (Ayers, Dohrn), Communists and Socialists (Van Jones/Browner, et al), Mobsters (Rezko), Tax Cheats (Geithner,et al), Eco-Psycho Malthusian Pop Bombers (Holdren), and embraces the cabal of America hating dictators around the globe. What a crowd of sweethearts! What to worry?”

      Gotta admit, this stuff bothered me right up front.
      And most people even when told the facts, look the other way.
      Bernadine Dohrn served time for refusing to tell what she knew about their best friends and the Brinks robbery of 1981.
      I still doubt that they were protesting the Vietnam war in 1981.
      {Rant cut short in the interests of not boring you}

  6. Al Gored says:

    Using the race card was part of the plan from day one when the Banksters chose this smooth talking puppet.

    • Latitude says:

      except it really pissed Clinton off when they used it on him too…

      What was about the funniest thing of all, was they were using the race card on members of their own party

      • Latitude says:

        But didn’t use it on Biden, and Biden said the most racist remarks of all………

      • Al Gored says:

        Or Harry Reid… recall his comments about ‘clean’ and ‘light skinned’ with no ‘dialect.’

        In any case, I’m only critical of the white half. And that’s OK, right?

      • Latitude says:

        Far as I’m concerned, I’ve been over this whole race thing for decades….
        …we’re free to criticize both halves

    • MikeTheDenier says:

      Would someone please pass the Oreos… 🙂

  7. Independent says:

    Steve, Obama is white too. That makes you both a racist and a reverse-racist. Let’s see you get out of that one.

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