How Much Is CO2 Selling For?

Gold and silver prices have gone way up this year.

The carbon credit market is looking pretty weak though. Apparently people don’t want to invest in a product that is completely worthless.

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6 Responses to How Much Is CO2 Selling For?

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    The idea of a futures market for carbon was ludicrous. A huge skimming operation for floor brokers, wild eyed speculators and wealthy manipulators. Nothing but a Roman Circus of big money chasing after small money with little regulation.

  2. Yes, carbon credits are worthless. However, today I was driving (in my SUV) toward the Lowe’s store in Castle Rock, CO, when I noticed a tanker truck in front of us, containing liquid CO2 (that’s what it said). Lettering on the side advertised gasses for commercial and industrial use, including welding. He turned into the Factory Outlets area. Apparently CO2 in large quantity has some value. So, there’s some industrial process that uses carbon diox? Obviously, greenhouses/nurseries augment their atmosphere with CO2 to nurture the plants, and Coca-Cola must get their CO2 from someplace. There are felons (or soon-to-be) who manufacture the stuff? OMG!

  3. Chris F says:

    You can’t see it feel it or smell it, can’t even carry it around with you in your pocket, yet we’re supposed to believe this has value?
    The madmen are running the asylum. May they lose every penny they have “invested” and commit suicide as a result.

  4. NoMoreGore says:

    The planned to sell it to a captive customer (us) at a bloated price mandated by Government. Just couldn’t quite force that boondoggle thru. But they’ll be back.

  5. Dave G says:

    After reading about a few airports offering CO2 credits for your flight, I emailed a local green college professor asking him HOW buying these credits would reduce CO2? His response, I can’t tell you!! but AGW is happening and WE need to do something about it, that was a year ago LOL

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