Minnesota To Warm 25 Degrees By The Year 2000


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3 Responses to Minnesota To Warm 25 Degrees By The Year 2000

  1. NikFromNYC says:

    I was born in Minnesota, regrettably, but I climbed Mount Olympus. That’s in Salt Lake City.

    This was my great great grandfather’s farm in the middle of nowhere, Utah:


    Back then, leading to my childhood, scientific “specialists” really MEANT what they said. They took notes on paper, *very* carefully. They made us recite multiplication tables that went BEYOND 9X9. What was 13 times 22? That is what those rocket scientists, uranium miners and optical engineers asked us to do, back when science was cool.

    We were taught to ask! Was it gold or fool’s gold? Was it really radioactive out there, deep down? Who owned the mining rights? What was the isotope ratio of each element in the mix? Click click, buzz buzz, scrape scrape, take samples to Bert. Mormon country.

    I made a couple videos of these WWII vet guys in mining country who built airplanes for fun in their barns.

    There used to be tits on money, and Edison light bulbs too.

  2. NikFromNYC says:

    Oops, here is the farm where I dug up an old steel shovel, or at least the shank of it.

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