The Key Paramaters For Weather Forecasting

The most important variables used in making seasonal forecasts have traditionally been sea surface temperatures and soil moisture. Trenberth has added a new parameter – called “climate change” – which is ubiquitous and now controls all weather.

No one knows  what units climate change comes in, but when they figure it out there can be little doubt that weather modeling will be dominated by the “climate change” term.

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4 Responses to The Key Paramaters For Weather Forecasting

  1. glacierman says:

    Nice, a fudge factor to explain everything, and place blame at the same time.

    Has he found the missing heat yet?

  2. Edgar Poe says:

    EL Rothschild purchased a seventy percent share of Weather Central, so now I am wondering how the weather will be forecast? Governments (more like private interests) handle weather reporting/forecasting as ‘top secret information’; because it is so closely linked to commodities, crops (futures trading), insurance/reinsurance markets and investments.

    Google term: ‘EL Rothschild+Weather Central’

    Rothschild financial interests out of London are pushing hard for carbon tax and can be felt most intensely in Australia where a lot of their policies are being implemented I think, as a ‘test bed.’ Docile populations have little or no resistance with LSE and Political Science (London School of Economics and Political Science) breaking down this natural resistance through Fabian Socialism. ‘Global warming’ is essentially a psychological warfare term.

  3. IAmDigitap says:

    One set of so called scientists, claims that, as per theory around 1890, the earth’s atmosphere is a big, warm, blankie.

    On the other hand, another set of scientists, having evolved into the electronic and space age, having studied the atmosphere in depth for a hundred years since, discovers the atmosphere is actually a miles deep, compressible, heat-conducting, fluid, functioning as an immersion bath for the globe, suspended so via gravity.

    Guess which one you’re arguing with.

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