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Runaway Global Warming Devastates Aspen Springtime


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Life Used To Be Perfect For The Penguins

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More White House Bullshite

Analysts have been poring over the documents in the nine days since bin Laden was killed and still no imminent plots have been discovered, though officials said there is still much work to do. Previously, officials said the evidence recovered … Continue reading

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Penguins And Polar Bears Struggling To Survive!

In an April 11 Las Vegas Sun article, “Winter Arctic ice coverage hits record low,” it was reported from Anchorage, Alaska that the surface area of ice in the Arctic Ocean reached its second lowest level during a winter period … Continue reading

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Middle School Students Emit Powerful Greenhouse Gas – Get Suspended

Two Canal Winchester Middle School students were booted off the school bus last week for, well, passing gas. James Nichols and Kristine Kuzora are upset that their son’s flatulence was designated as an obscene gesture by school officials. Their 13-year-old … Continue reading

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90 Years Of Cooling In Alabama Led To The Disastrous Tornado Outbreak

http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/research/cag3/al.html We must find a way to warm Alabama up. Maybe spread soot on the polar ice caps?

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Pakistani Mansion For Sale – Marked Down From $1,000,000

Important legal notices : * Owner in trouble. Needs to get out quickly. Will consider any offer. * Original valuation was too high * Ideal as an indoor shooting range. Bullets don’t leave any holes in the walls or cabinets.

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