More White House Bullshite

Analysts have been poring over the documents in the nine days since bin Laden was killed and still no imminent plots have been discovered, though officials said there is still much work to do.

Previously, officials said the evidence recovered from bin Laden’s compound amounted to a veritable “playbook” of al Qaeda operations, from potential terror attack targets to information on international safe houses and other top commanders.

Mon, 02 May 2011
The assault force of Navy SEALs snatched a trove of computer drives and disks during their weekend raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, yielding what a U.S. official called “the mother lode of intelligence.”

They knew it was “the mother lode of intelligence” without having any clue what it was.

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15 Responses to More White House Bullshite

  1. bubbagyro says:

    He was as germane to al Qaeda strategy as the Kings of Spain and England are to their operations. Almost everyone knows that. OBL was hiding out to save his hide since Bush put a “Dead or Alive” execution order on him.

    I imagine Obama’s admins will find some “those were the good old days” OBL letters to long dead colleagues.

  2. Latitude says:

    I think O’Bama’s bump in the polls is about to crash…………

    Otherwise known as the dead cat bounce

  3. Jim Cole says:

    If you are coach of the Denver Broncos and you “just happen” to come across an Oakland Raiders playbook two weeks before your game,

    would you immediately call a press conference to announce your “treasure trove of intellegence”?

    Sure, of course you would. D’OH!!

  4. Nobama says:

    So stealthy and brilliant, that crack intelligence team. After they DO find some terror plans, maybe they can broadcast them worldwide, and give us all a preview of their plans to thwart those plans…….too. Just the key stuff. The names and family members of Seal Team 6, maybe when they plan the attack, and how. You know, just the basics. They could probably get Geraldo and a camera crew to fly along and capture all the action as it happens. Obummer could time it to coincide with one of his weekly vacations…. maybe take the kids along so they can get their own trophies.

  5. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    The most transparent White House in history keeps changing the story.

  6. Bruce says:

    Give ’em a bit of a break. The SEALS came home with “2.7 terabytes of data…much of it encrypted”, and in Arabic. And a certain diary. That’s plenty to have to wade through.

    TWH may be a pack of spin merchants, but the real work is going to take a while to get done.

    • Latitude says:

      Bruce, the real work does not start out by announcing “the mother lode of intelligence.”

      • Al Gored says:

        In theory true. But let’s say you just want to screw with their minds. Don’t actually need to have anything.

        I hope they get Tom Clancy to do the diary.

  7. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:


    Trump spoke today, 5/11/11, for 34 minutes, then took a few questions.

    46 minute video here:

  8. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Obama continues to defend “poet” the sang about killing policemen

    In his usual political way:

    ……accusing critics of blowing the issue out of proportion…..

    the rapper celebrates Mumia: “May God bless your soul.”

    …..the head of New Jersey’s state trooper union publicly blasted the White House’s decision…..

    the rapper …….a Chicago native, also has called for former President George W. Bush to be burned…..

  9. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    White House ignores outrage, does not disinvite “poet” rapper that sang about killing cops

    I wonder if the rapper would object to songs about killing rappers?

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