Gingrich Passed The Tipping Point Of His Career In 2007

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8 Responses to Gingrich Passed The Tipping Point Of His Career In 2007

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Newt has been all over the board with this issue. That’s all we need, another waffler in the White House.

  2. suyts says:

    Not that he was ever going to be president, but his personal immorality and his embracing of the anti-growth policies in defference to climate change kills any support from either grass root camp of the conservatives. Newt used to make sense on many issues. Today, he’s a sad and pathetic has been looking to regain some political weight. Its hard to blame him for wanting to run though, the field of candidates have hardly distinguished themselves. Heck, as pathetic as McCain was as a candidate, he’d have just as much chance as the rest of the pack.

  3. Traitor in Chief says:

    Apparently, Mitch Daniels is already known as a Skeptic. He is considering running.

  4. The politicization and subornation of climate science will lead to revolution. One way or another, the “authorities” will all be overthrown for preaching false science. The truth will out.

  5. Ian L. McQueen says:

    Isn’t it interesting that those who warm us most strongly about the coming dangers of global warming are mostly politicians, economists, sociologists, political commentators, and others who can be expected to have very little knowledge of science?


  6. I have been asking several universities , research centres , individual scientists and other loud mouths in the climate change debate for several years , to provide me with facts and figures . NOT ONE has been able to comply . We must conclude that what the politicians , actors and others have been screaming all this time is no more than OPINION . Over 80 years , I have found that there is usually , not much fact behind opinion . Even the original scientists behind Watergate could not produce true facts .We all know that politicians almost always lie . In 1908 , Andrew Carnegie wrote, ‘ When any one in authority speaks, always question them , for allmost always they are not telling us the whole truth ‘ It’s still true today .

  7. Lynn Wilson says:

    Having spent quite a bit of time in areas around glaciers, I am convinced that they are melting faster than they are being replinished. Also have seen picture of many years ago and the same site today seems to confirm this too. As an air conditioning guy who used to use the ASHRAE winter design temp of 10 degrees F for Atlanta when I started, and the new design temp is now 17 F based on historical weathre data confirms it is getting warmer in Atlanta.
    The ozone hole was discovered in the early 1900s before air conditioning and so much burning of fuels. Note that Volcanos dump possibly more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere that we think man does.
    i am a candidate to know more about what the major cause is but i am sure there is a lot of political BS going both ways.

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