The Glaciers Of Norway And Alaska Lost Half Their Size Between 1902 And 1952

CO2 was less than 315 ppm, yet Alaska lost half of her glaciers in only 50 years. Showing once again how spectacularly dishonest the alarmist position is.

How is reducing CO2 to 350 ppm going to stop glaciers from melting? There isn’t one shred of evidence to support that idea.

CLEVELAND, Feb. 16 (A.A.P.)
Dr. William S. Carlson, an Arctic
expert, said to-night that the Polar
icecaps were melting at an aston-
ishing and unexplained rate and
were threatening to swamp seaports
by raising the ocean levels.
Dr. Carlson said it would take
hundreds of years for the melting
to have much effect, but the rate
in the last half century had been
exceedingly rapid.
The glaciers of Norway and
Alaska are only half the size they
were 50 years ago. The tempera –
ture around Spitsbergen has so
modified that the sailing time has
lengthened from three to eight
months of the year,” he said.

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5 Responses to The Glaciers Of Norway And Alaska Lost Half Their Size Between 1902 And 1952

  1. suyts says:

    Obviously, the glacier melt rate has slowed.

  2. Karmakaze says:

    Well thanks to people like you, rather than returning to those days climatically, scientists are simply trying to stop it getting any worse.

    So, you’re right 350PPM will never bring back those glaciers.

    Thanks to you.

    • The glaciers melted dramatically – at well below 350 ppm. Are you completely daft?

      • Mike Davis says:

        Must be because returning to those days Climatically would be worse than what we are experiencing now and CO2 has nothing to do with Glacier Extent. As a matter of fact Glacier extent increasing would be a major concern for humanity in the regions the glaciers will cover when they expand to previous sizes.

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