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Nuuk Meeting Fraud Begins

As forecast, the misinformation from the Hillary-Nuuk meeting is starting to spill out. http://www.washingtonpost.com/ There is rarely if ever any sea ice around Nuuk (red circle below) this time of year. Sea ice around Greenland is right at the 30 … Continue reading

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TSA Gets Pummeled By They People They Molest

Typo in the headline. I meant to say protect molest. Check out the comment section. Americans trying to take their country back. http://blog.tsa.gov/2011/05/texas-house-of-representatives-seeking.html

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Brits Rate Global Warming Concern Lower Than Garbage


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UK Met Office Warned of 41% Decrease In Brazilian Rainfall

The projected decreases in rainfall may be as a result of warmer waters in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans causing changes in wind patterns and the transport of moisture across South America.  This could lead to major economic impacts in … Continue reading

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Shock News : Chelsea Leaves A Man Unmarked In Front Of The Goal

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Obama Commissions A New Coin

Does he play the violin too?

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Huhne Headed To Jail? Apparently He Wants To Take The Country Down With Him

Chris Huhne faces police investigation over allegations wife Vicky Pryce agreed to take speeding points. Essex police have assigned an officer to investigate the claims that would almost certainly result in the end of Mr Huhne’s ministerial career and a … Continue reading

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Hadley …. Must Not Use Brain …..

Over Amazonia, projections are for large percentage decreases in rainfall and increases in air temperatures, with the changes becoming more pronounced after 2040.  For temperature (Fig. 13 d-f) the projected warming in the tropical regions varies from 1-2 °C in … Continue reading

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Before That Witch Moved Into The Neighborhood, We Never Had Bad Weather Or Disease

What would Joe Romm have blamed the weather on 400 years ago?

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US Winter Temperatures Plummeting

Over the last decade, winter temperatures in the US have been falling at a rate of 41 degrees per century. Our “top rated” scientists say that the heavy snow in recent winters is due to global warming. http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/research/cag3/na.html

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