Hansen Warned Us About This


We should have listened. The world is doomed, as religious fanatics everywhere believe.

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16 Responses to Hansen Warned Us About This

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    That half degree of heating over the last century is going to kill us all!

  2. PhilJourdan says:

    I wonder if I should cut down the dead tree tomorrow? It will be dead after then anyway. 😉

  3. HopeyChangey says:

    What’s with Jimmy’s hat? Who’s he trying to be? Indiana Jones? Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot?

  4. Wayne Ward (truthsword) says:

    On the bright side, if they are right, no carbon tax!

  5. Anthony Watts says:

    Steve did you make up that image or somebody else?

  6. Laurie Bowen says:

    My stock response to these kind of predictions is . . . If they are right . . . who in this ever lovin world is ever going to know. . . . .???

    Now the sign says . . . “Judgement day!” Just who’s doin’ the judging . . . . ???

    No, matter what the answer . . . I curious how they will validate that!

  7. predictions!predictions! predictions! But not a fact to be seen . The moon was made of blue cheese ! Perhaps the price will fall ? When will our brilliant scientists produce milk from grass and save the expensive process presently used ?

  8. biggreenlie says:

    Geezuz……I hope “they” get what they want……..lift off you losers!…………. a few hundred less “whackos” to take up valuable space and oxygen!!!!!!!

    • Bowen says:

      Gee . . . . . why don’t you have any pity? You ought too! But, I guess that would be expecting toooooooo much!

  9. michael says:

    He did the same thing back in 1994. Hmmm, maybe he made a miscalculation, AGAIN.

  10. kiwi Chris says:

    I just don’t get it; the models clearly show the end is happening. My observational, ( I’m still here), data must be wrong, got to go back and tweak the model, it’s very disappointing. Will advise new tipping point……

  11. Sean McHugh says:

    They have just spoken to Harold Camping about the forecast doomsday and he said it’s happening faster than they thought!

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