Consensus Is In : The World Did Not End Today

I did a search on Google news, and most of the writers agree that the Earth is still here.

It also appears that Manhattan is still above water, in spite of predictions from another leading crackpot expert.

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28 Responses to Consensus Is In : The World Did Not End Today

  1. Latitude says:

    Read an interesting article that the site of the world trade center was originally under water. It was a land fill and raised by being a garbage dump. So was Battery Park and most of the sea port.
    Makes you wonder how they measure sea level rise, don’t it?

  2. Dave G says:

    Damn it, now I have to go change my will

  3. DEEBEE says:

    Crap — have to end the no holds barred binging.

  4. Mike Davis says:

    I read that only those that are worthy will experience the Rapture. Those who are unworthy will be left behind ot experience the final destructi

    • Robert Austin says:

      So the rapture has happened and but there were so few worthy rapturees that the event went unnoticed. Sounds more like alien abductions to me. If the rapturees find themselves being “probed”, will they recognize that the “afterlife” is not exactly as portrayed?

  5. Russell C says:

    Wait – didn’t the Y2K thing mess up a bunch of the computers? Maybe our friends here miscalculated, and the world actually ends on Monday……

  6. Paul H says:

    I expect Tony will come back in 10 years time and tell us he has got the book from the library which proves the author really meant 2031.

    • Tony Duncan says:


      I was JUST about to chide Steve for lying about Hansen again. Of course the point of that is that the book was available NINE years before Steve used a 2nd hand misquote, and still he continues to harp on it. Even before i knew the quote was wrong I challenged steve to find ANY other place where hansen had said the same thing and he never found anything. Of course he is free to call me a liar and people can check the book for themselves. Or they can check the article from Salon and see that it has references to the book plastered all over it.

      • You are a mindless drone.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        I just don’t want people to believe something that has been repeated over and over again that is a proven lie.
        You point out lies all the time from the warmest, why not just stick to commenting on things that have not ben shown to be completely untrue.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        now you are lying about what I have said. I have explained this at least 20 times, so I have a hard time believing that you are not deliberately distorting the situation, and I am happy to do re-explain it every time you falsely accuse Hansen of something he never said. You have never provided any information to dispute the facts I have presented to you so many many time.

        1. Bob Reiss interviewed Hansen after his testimony before congress in 1988.

        2.Ress wrote a book that was PUBLISHeD In 2001. the book CLEARLY states that REISS asked Hansen what would happen with a doubling of CO2 by 2030. Among other things Hansen said the west side highway would be underwater. I have personally read the passage in the book. It is a fact.

        3. Reiss gave an informal phone interview to Salon Magazine AFTER the book was in print. There is an ad for the book in the article. The books image was on the top of the page. There were numerous references to the book and a link on where to buy it. The interview was obviously publicity to sell Reiss’ book. Reiss MISQUOTED Hansen recounting the event as what would happen n 20-30 years, instead of 2030, and he did not mention the doubling CO2 caveat.

        4. Many years later right wing blogs pick up on this , and YOU Steve wrote numerous posts and comments ridiculing Hansen for saying that Manhattan would be underwater by 2008

        5 I repeatedly commented whenever I saw these posts that this was an informal conversation and therefore was just Hansen talking off the top of his head. I repeatedly asked you to supply me ANY source where Hansen had written or said the same thing. I personally looked at Hansen’s writings and some of his public statements and REPEATEDLY told you this statement was inconsistent with everything he had written and said at any point in time. I accepted the statement as true after several people accused me of accusing salon of lying.

        6. After quite a bit of hype Reiss publicly stated that the quote in Salon was wrong. Hansen stated that the quote in the salon article was wrong. the book PROVES that statement in salon was wrong. The lack of his ever saying this anywhere else is overwhelming evidence that the salon quote was wrong.

        7. After al this was pointed out to you, you have repeatedly engaged in rather bizarre gymnastics to keep from acknowledging that you ridiculing Hansen on THIS particular point was in error.

        8. Before this was all so clearly pointed out to you you were just perpetuating a mistake. Now that you have been made aware of the true facts you continue repeat your claim. In my book you are purposefully lying.
        I apologized for NOT shecking the truth of the statement

  7. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    This side of the end of the world feels the same as the other side.

    I want my money back!

  8. mandy says:

    Dude seriously… know one knowswhen thw world is gonna end… did this dude not read the bibel smh…

  9. Pedro Jackson says:

    I can’t wait to see Steve’s rebuttal.

    • Tony Duncan says:


      are you as blown away by his rebuttal as I am? But it is about as devastating as the other times he has rebutted this issue.

      • Sorry, you are a “complete” maroon.

      • Tony Duncan says:

        And Steve lands another devastating punch to…… the air.

      • Tony Duncan says:

        So Steve,

        please enlighten us about the particular facts I have presented that are blind deaf, dumb, and maroonish?
        Don’t hold back, I obviously deserve a knockout blow.

        • Hansen made ridiculous predictions about sea level rise, temperature rise, co2 rise, crime, birds, windows, police, etc. all within a few paragraphs. And you are incapable of seeing the problem. That makes you a blind deaf and dumb maroon.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        if you can show me anywhere I have said that his prediction is accurate even for 2030, you would have a reason for arguing with me about it.
        You are missing the point. Hansen DIDN’T say what you keep saying he did. And you keep repeating that lie.
        it is not a question of right or wrong it is a question of lying or telling the truth, and of setting the record straight.
        So you say his predictions are crazy. You have a perfect right to do so. You don’t have a right to repeat a lie.

  10. PhilJourdan says:

    How do you know it did not end? Perhaps we are all figments of your imagination – or you of mine?

    All I know is that I am glad God does not work on a consensus basis.

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