Global Warming Deniers Debunked!

Impeccable logic. Assume your belief system to be true, and then use your assumption as the basis for proving that your assumption is correct.

1    “It’s the sun”    The sun’s output has barely changed since 1970 and is irrelevant to recent global warming.

It is irrelevant because the author says it is irrelevant.

2    “Climate’s changed before”    Climate reacts to whatever forces it to change at the time, which now is dominated by humans.

It is dominated by humans because the author says it is dominated by humans.

3    “There is no consensus”    97% of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming.

They found a small group of people who’s survival depends on global warming funding.

4    “It’s cooling”    The last decade 2000-2009 was the hottest on record.

Only in climate science can you determine the slope of a line knowing only the average.

5    “Models are unreliable”    Models successfully reproduce temperatures since 1900 globally, by land, in the air and the ocean.

The famous denier James Hansen disagrees.

6    “Temp record is unreliable”    The warming trend is the same in rural and urban areas, measured by thermometers and satellites.

1930s satellite data had to be adjusted downwards too.

7    “It hasn’t warmed since 1998″    2005 was the hottest year globally, and 2009 the second hottest.

True, if you willfully choose to ignore everyone everyone but Hansen.

8    “Ice age predicted in the 70s”    The vast majority of climate papers in the 1970s predicted warming.

Well, we just made that statistic up, but it needed to be done.

9    “We’re heading into an ice age”    Worry about global warming impacts in the next 100 years, not an ice age in over 10,000 years.

You should share my neurosis. Misery loves company.

10    “Antarctica is gaining ice”    Satellites measure Antarctica losing land ice at an accelerating rate.

Clever scientists! Widely read study shows ice rapidly melting at -30C in Antarctica’s interior.

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32 Responses to Global Warming Deniers Debunked!

  1. Justa Joe says:

    Libz always debate by way of pronouncement.

    If humans ‘dominate’ the climate now what ‘dominated’ the climate during previous glacial and interglacial periods. Those forces must have been much greater as the climate changes were far more extreme.

    • DEEBEE says:

      That is not relevant ot current warming /sarc

    • Daniel Packman says:

      Different forces can dominate different timescales. Rotation of the earth still dominates daily changes. Seasonal changes are still dominated by the revolution of the earth.

    • Jimbo says:

      They found a small group of people who’s survival depends on global warming funding.

      I have made this point many times. Would you trust a climate scientist whose very welfare / welfare of his family and scientific reputation depends on continued global warming?

      Think about the multi-arrested activist Warmist Dr. James Hansen. Do you trust him to be impartial regarding global temperature data and adjustments? 😉

  2. M White says:

    “97% of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming”

    Name them (with qualifications)

    • omnologos says:

      no matter how hard they tried, still they couldn’t avoid reporting that 2 of their hand-picked scientists disagreed

    • suyts says:

      Well, as I recall the number was about 76 of them. I think we all could name the majority of the “consensus” with a little effort, then throw in their understudies, and we can easily get to the 76 just by naming famous deniers.

    • DEEBEE says:

      That single factoid disqualifies forever the author from any serious consideration. And forever condems the regurgitator (whatever planet he is saving) to the fires of ignorance.

  3. hell_is_like_newark says:

    From the planetsave link:

    1 “It’s the sun” The sun’s output has barely changed since 1970 and is irrelevant to recent global warming.

    25 “Other planets are warming” Mars and Jupiter are not warming, and anyway the sun has recently been cooling slightly.

    52 “Pluto is warming” And the sun has been recently cooling.

    So which is it? Is the sun changing or not? This asshat contradicted himself / herself multiple times in the same post.

  4. Dave N says:

    The statements made in points 4 and 8 are not mutually exclusive.

    Specifically point 8: The vast majority of climate papers talked of an oncoming ice age in early/mid 1970’s. They then did a turnaround in the late 70’s.

    Lies by omission: the first bastion of the alarmist.

    • Tony Duncan says:

      Dave, I have not seen any list of papers from the early 70’s that show a majority concluding an imminent oncoming ice age. could you give me your source?

      • Tony, all those papers have been available on the Internet, since Al Gore posted them in 1975.
        The ability to share AGW Hoaxes (a.k.a. Inconvenient Truths, is the reason Gore invented the Internet, don’t ya know….

  5. dinosaur says:

    Globull warming made easy for those not smart enough to think for themselves.

  6. P.J. says:

    Former Canadian P.M. Jean Chretien presents the warmist explanation of proof:

  7. Russell C says:

    We can counterattack:

    Skeptic scientists are on the payroll of fossil fuel companies to confuse the public and “reposition global warming as theory rather than fact”. This was revealed in a leaked coal industry memo discovered by intrepid Pulitzer-winning investigative reporter Ross Gelbspan, and it’s been documented by others.

    Right. You have proof that Gelbspan won a Pulitzer, that he actually discovered the memo, that others independently corroborate this accusation, and you are able to produce this memo (via his or other accusers’ books, articles, web pages or media presentations) in its complete context?

    For those unfamiliar with why their mindlessly repeated mantra accusation steers straight into a ditch, click on my name above, and prepare yourself for a lengthy reading list.

  8. Jimash says:

    ” It’s a consensus, the scientists have consensed, and whatever they consesnse is what the science is. Scientists get to say what science is and by their consensus determine it to be true, so it is. Obama is awesome “.

  9. Jim D. says:

    This entry would be stronger with some links/data to support each rebuttal

  10. Andy Weiss says:

    The alarmists have had every advantage-money, media and academia solidly in their corner, the Presidency and big majorities in Congress. Yet they haven’t gotten to first base politically.

    So the only logical conclusion is that whatever it is they are trying to sell must really stink.

    • Donald Lucas says:

      Andy Weiss:
      AGW proponents have been funded $billions annually by governments and universities. Please show references that compare total funding and sources for proponents and skeptics.

      Academia has been solidly liberal for decades. How does that square with the statement that skeptics have academia in their corner?

      Congress has been dominated by Democrats (liberals and progressives) for over 60 years. And it isn’t liberals who are AGW skeptics.

      AGW proponents and their climate modelers have had 23 years to demonstrate that a single prediction from their models has come true. The world awaits their first success.

      • Donald Lucas says:

        After reading more replies here, I realize that your post above was meant to be sarcastic. Either that or you are seriously schizophrenic.

        I apologize for my prior assumptions.

      • Mike Davis says:

        Did you miss the word “alarmist” that started Andy’s statement?
        Maybe it is you that should reread Andy’s statement!

  11. K says:

    I see where Planetsave has the comments turned off. It would have been even easier to debunk the ignorant skeptic folk by just using “SHUT UP!” for every answer.

  12. Andy Weiss says:


    Many of my posts are sarcastic, but this one was not one of them. It would appear that what I posted would square with your belief system.

    Most people aren’t buying what the alarmists are selling, even though the alarmists have money, academia, media and politicians behind them. If they can’t get anywhere with all that backing, the product they are trying to sell must really stink.

    That is what I was trying to say. I hope that makes sense.

  13. NikFromNYC says:

    “Climate reacts to whatever forces it to change at the time, which now is dominated by humans.”

    Notice how there is an unspoken denial of the very likely case that rather than forcings it may be simple +/- swings in ocean currents that occur for totally chaotic and thus fundamentally unpredictable nor modelable manner that dominate swings in climate on the century to century time scale.

  14. Donald Lucas says:

    Exactly right, Mike – I completly “flew” over the alarmist word. Another apology.

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