Wrong Apocalypse

The press hides their hatred of Christianity behind a thin veneer of imagined rationality.


Interesting seeing how the press is having a field day making fun of the May 21 “end of the world as we know it” nonsense, but are equally as enthusiastic about believing in Hansen’s nearly identical apocalypse fantasies.


On a related note, the press loves to make fun of people who don’t believe in evolution – and at the same time are perfectly happy to deny the basis of Darwin’s theories. i.e. adaptation to environmental change, natural selection and survival of the fittest. The press is convinced that if anything changes, we will all perish.

The left imagines themselves to be rational, when in fact their belief system is rooted in prejudice and self-loathing.

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8 Responses to Wrong Apocalypse

  1. Latitude says:


  2. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Is James Hansen mentally ill?

    Does he have a voracious lust for power over people?

  3. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    The left imagines themselves to be rational, when in fact their belief system is rooted in prejudice and self-loathing.

    I heard one explanation of it as they have a desire to not be envied. Their policies come from a feeling that THEY WILL BE envied. So they act in a way to attempt to deflect envy from their own countrymen, and from people of other countries. It looks like self loathing. But the opposite is actually true. They just act in a way to make it look like self loathing.

    That could only emanate from a person that feels they are enviable. They must be feeling superior to others. And the policies they make from that stance will only be condescending in nature—all in an effort to not be envied.

    If that is true then they are full of crap.

  4. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:


    I came across something that crystallizes what I think of President Barack Obama’s war in Libya. It’s from The Federalist’s Papers, Paper #4:

    …….absolute monarchs will often make war when their nations are to get nothing by it, but for the purposes and objects merely personal, such as thirst for military glory, revenge for personal affronts, ambition, or private compacts to aggrandize or support their particular families or partisans. These and a variety of other motives, which affect only the mind of the sovereign, often lead him to engage in wars not sanctified by justice or the voice and interests of his people……

    ~John Jay (pen name PUBLIUS)

    -Founding Father
    -President of the Continental Congress, 1778 to 1779
    -first Chief Justice of the United States, 1789–95
    -Governor of New York State, 1795 to 1801—as Governor of New York State got emancipation of slaves law for New York State passed in 1799, on third attempt

    link to The Federalist Papers : No. 4


  5. Andy Weiss says:

    Somehow this calamity has failed to materialize in places where people live. Catastrophic warming is only happening in places where no one lives, where Hansen’s pretty pink crayon rules.

  6. Nobama says:

    I’m with Lat on the Amen. But I would change it a little anyway, to: Guilt and Self Loathing. My take is that the bravado and assertions of superiority are really cover for private fears of inferiority. (and a satanic lust for power, but hey, why pile it on?)

    What kind of person sets out alone across a forbidding ungoverned wilderness in search of adventure….by himself? This is the heritage of our country. The confidence it takes to do this would crush a modern day bureau=weasel. They are the antithesis of confidence.

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