Dark Clouds On The Horizon

Literally. The middle school district track meet was rained delayed last Wednesday until today, and looking out the window it looks like a repeat for this afternoon.

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7 Responses to Dark Clouds On The Horizon

  1. Jimash says:

    It has been rainy and cold here in NJ for a week solid. It’s dank.
    Fortunately no awful tornadoes. I feel for those people.
    But for the end of May we have had very little warm, sunny weather, literally a handful of nice days.

  2. I got soaked riding my bike home.

  3. Scott says:

    Must’ve ridden home at just the wrong time…didn’t rain much today really.


  4. Jim Cole says:

    It was raining hard all day today from Cameron Pass to Fort Collins to Boulder and Lakewood. But the Colo Rockies are playing the D-Backs in downtown Denver (only 5 miles away) without interruption. Hmmm

    Classic upslope weather system, blowing east to west.

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