Unbelievable Snowpack In The West

100% or normal snowpack is enough to bring most rivers close to flood stage. We are seeing 200%-500% across much of the west.


Thank goodness Lake Powell has plenty of reserve storage capacity to absorb the inevitable floodwaters.

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11 Responses to Unbelievable Snowpack In The West

  1. Jimbo says:

    The coming floods will be blamed on……………………….global warming i.e. more snow in a hotter world. 😉 Oh, they also blamed the drought on global warming.

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    Looks like four more Pacific storms coming in on the West Coast over the next week, all capable of producing mountian snows over the Pacific NW, down to northern CA.

    Very unusual for the end of May. Probably more heavy rains and tornadoes in the central states as well.

  3. PearlandAggie says:

    I was looking at Lake Powell water data and it looks like the level bottomed out and started rising around April 12th. Since then, the lake has risen 8-9 feet with most of the snow melt yet to occur. It will be interesting to see where the lake level finally ends up when the melt has ceased.


  4. Lance says:

    Southern Alberta is about to get hit with some good rain fall too, snow in the mountains? and the rivers are starting to get higher now (about 1st week in june is when they reach there peak flow) and add in rain and the next news stories will be flooding in the west….

  5. NoMoreGore says:

    South of Olympia here in the lib nirvana of WA is a large area that flooded just a few years ago. Huge numbers of homes and businesses destroyed. The state had twiddled its thumbs after previous floods. Didn’t want to disturb the fish “habitat” by building the dikes any higher. But they spent money for “Social Counselors” so that people could call in to the state, and have someone “mourn” with them. My guess is, those folks had better start packing their belongings now. It’s almost certain to repeat.

  6. Mike Davis says:

    Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are already getting flooded.

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