Just Lucky I Guess

Reader Jim explains that the lack of hurricane strikes in the US is due to luck. This may be true, but one thing we know for sure is that the high hurricane count during 2005 was definitely due to global warming.

According to Nobel Prize winning molester Al Gore, there were four major hurricanes at the same time – including one so powerful it wiped Costa Rica and Panama off the map.


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14 Responses to Just Lucky I Guess

  1. slp says:

    CO2 even make some hurricanes spin the wrong way.

  2. Jim Cole says:

    So powerful, it wiped out the Greater Antilles – even the ones with mountain chains 1000’s of feet high!

    Baja California also seems to have gone missing


  3. Paul H says:

    Ah, luck.

    Perhaps Miss Heyhoe can quantify this just as she has done with “weirding”.

  4. glacierman says:

    A huge amount of Greenland is underwater, but the rest is still covered by ice. Too bad, you would think those vineyards would be thriving there under this type of warming.

  5. suyts says:

    If luck is the cause of our absence of hurricane landfalls, then we were just as unlucky with Catrina. Its as simple as that. It isn’t one without the other.

    • glacierman says:

      Katrina was bad, so by chickenlittle logic:

      Katrina = Bad = AGW

      So it wasn’t bad luck, we simply were getting what we deserved because we didn’t sacrifice ourselves, or some other BS.

  6. Nobama says:

    So on Chester the Molester’s book cover, ManBearPig has struck, Melting all the ice, and this has raised sea levels to bury Baja and FL.

    He’s got Hurricanes defying Physics, and while there are storms loaded with rain everywhere, it looks like all the continents are barren deserts. So, apparently in Thermageddon, ALL of the Hurricanes dump their life giving water out at sea. They probably just come ashore as dry storms and tear all the pitiful adobe huts apart. Then the boiling, scorching, relentless heat resumes.

    Quite an imagination…. for a poodle.

  7. Independent says:

    Apparently these Panama-obliterating hurricanes also feed off of Arctic sea ice, since none seems to be left.

  8. Curt says:

    Jim needs to look at the plots of “accumulated cyclone energy”, the most comprehensive index of the total power of tropical cyclone storms. You can see a recent plot here:


    The last couple of years have been among the lowest in the satellite era, both globally and in the Atlantic. Jim is the one who needs to “stop twisting the stats”.

    • Paul H says:

      Don’t be silly, Curt.

      Why should we trust Ryan Maue’s statistics when we have Jim’s memory to rely on?

  9. Andy Weiss says:

    We should entrust the phantom hurricane count completely to the great minds at the National Hurricane Center. Big Brother always knows best!

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