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Anticipated Impacts On Greenland

Last night’s midnight sun. Five years from now

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Declining Spring Snow Cover Forces Aspen To Open For Memorial Day

This is supposed to be the time of year when skiers and snowboarders are lured to baseball stadiums and golf courses, and seasonal Colorado resort employees are long gone. But with snow still falling well past its closing day in … Continue reading

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Obama Gets Pwned By The Queen

(Queen wonders why this annoying person is standing next to her) But then again, he doesn’t respect the US national anthem either. He probably just wants people to sing hymns to Obama.

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Record Cold Leads To Record Rain In Montana

Butttt …. Jeff Masters   said that heavy rain is caused by warm temperatures. Billings (Montana) had already received more than 3 inches of rain Tuesday, setting an all-time daily precipitation record for the city. http://www.stamfordadvocate.com http://www.hprcc.unl.edu/products/maps/acis/wrcc/nw/30dTDeptWRCC-NW.png

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27,658 Days

It has been 27,658 days since the most powerful hurricane to ever hit the US struck. CO2 was well below the safe level of 350 ppm at the time. It has been 6,849 days since a category five hurricane struck … Continue reading

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Climatologists Vote For Permanent El Nino

Climatologists have long suspected that the ENSO might shut down as the climate warms, with the Pacific shifting into a permanent El Niño state. This would be bad news for us. Without the periodic upwelling of cold water associated with … Continue reading

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Men Are More Allergic To Global Warming Than Women

Researchers Blame Climate Change For Rise In Allergies Washington (SmartAboutHealth) – A new study has highlighted the belief that climate change is leading to a rise in allergies around the world. Researchers from Quest Diagnostics conducted a study that focused … Continue reading

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“Scientists” Say That Floods Are Caused By Non-Existent Warm Temperatures

The deadliest tornadoes in decades. Severe flooding on the Mississippi River. Drought in Texas, and heavy rains in Tennessee. What’s up with the weather? Scientists say there are connections between many of the severe weather events of the past month … Continue reading

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Farmers Busy In Greenland Again Today


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