97% Of Schoolchildren Believe In Global Warming

Actually, make that 100% ….

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6 Responses to 97% Of Schoolchildren Believe In Global Warming

  1. Robby says:

    This is probably the only way that man-made global warming will kill anyone. Out of the desperation of the Church of Climatology to prove their point.

  2. Russell C says:

    Back when that controversy first ‘blew up’, I noted how quickly our friends at Greenpeace exploited it: See “SplatterGate: When Greenpeace is given lemons, they make lemonade” http://www.freedompub.org/profiles/blogs/splattergate-when-greenpeace

    In this case, the Greenpeace spokesperson once again deflects the narrative back to their propaganda about scheming skeptics, and you know this will soon be regurgitated by left-wing bloggers in viral form. Thus, the fundamental premise of the video is promoted after all – anybody with opposing viewpoints must be viewed with suspicion.

  3. DEEBEE says:

    97% of scientists do too. So scientists are children.

    • Deadman says:

      Lovely logic:
      1) 97% of schoolchildren believe in global warming;
      2) 97% of scientists believe in global warming; so,
      3) schoolchildren are scientists.

      1) schoolchildren believe in global warming because of ideological indoctrination;
      2) scientists also believe in global warming; so,
      3) scientists are ideologically indoctrinated.

      Is that right, DEEBEE?

  4. Foxgoose says:

    97% of schoolchildren also believe in Santa Claus.

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