Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina

Super Bowl XLV set a record with 162.9 million viewers while the 2011 UEFA CL Finals is expected to reach over 300 million TV watchers. The match features the world’s most popular clubs who happen to currently have most of the top players including Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney. It doesn’t get any bigger than this according to reports from BBC.

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5 Responses to Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina

  1. omnologos says:

    If the Super Bowl were on a Saturday there’d be a few million more viewers in Europe, all the people that usually can’t watch it because it finishes at 3-4am on a Monday and they have to go to work.

    Likewise for Japan, where the Super Bowl happens late on Monday morning.

    • Alexej Buergin says:

      With the Obama-Buck being almost worthless, normal Americans cannot afford to go to Europe anymore. So you will not find “millions” of people interested in American Rugby there. Europeans just don’t care. The only US sports mentioned are the kind of football LeBron plays, and football on ice played with a stick.

      • omnologos says:

        no…there’s a huge market for the real thing and Wembley is packed every single year.

      • Alexej Buergin says:

        People will go once a year to see the woman with 2 heads or the Harlem Globetrotters, but sports is personal:
        1) To understand a game you have to have played it yourself
        2) You need your own team to support
        If there was a market in Europe, there would be professional teams (There are teams; if you look at the Bing-Picture of the East-German town of Dresden, you can see the lines of an American rugby field. But they recently postponed a game because the people wanted instead to see a TV-game of Dynamo, who won to get promoted into second (!) Bundesliga. There also are professional teams in other versions of Rugby, who buy all the All Blacks).
        Calling US Rugby “Football” is like calling the toilet a “rest room” or the Dutch calling a cannabis salesplace a “coffe shop”.

  2. AndyW says:

    If United get spanked what does that say about all the other teams in Europe, including Real, who were also spanked.


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