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Soccer Is *Not* A Sissy Sport

Christiano Ronaldo was the top scorer in Spain this year.

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Greenland Penguin Population Threatened By Ice Loss


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Very Complicated Science – Need Billions To Solve

Could global warming be behind the havoc? The extraordinary Joplin twister –the single deadliest tornado since U.S. officials began keeping records in 1950 — was a rare destructive phenomenon known as a “multi-vortex,” hiding two or more cyclones within the … Continue reading

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Nuuk Banana Crop Is Looking Healthy This Year

Climate refugees are fleeing the heat of Hawaii and setting up plantations In Greenland. http://www.arcticomm.net/webcam/arcticomm_webcam.jpg      

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Rick Perry Gets Endorsed By Grist

His willingness to stand up to commie nutjobs is a very solid endorsement of his intelligence and integrity. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, climate crank, considering presidential run Wind boosterism aside, Perry is pretty roundly loathed by enviros. http://www.grist.org/

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Harrison Schmitt Calls For The End Of NASA

If NASA were dismantled, who would carry out their critical functions of climate propaganda and making Muslim countries feel better about their failure to accomplish anything over the last 500 years? Harrison Schmitt, a former U.S. Senator from New Mexico … Continue reading

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Messi Worship

Messi played well yesterday, but all the adulation being poured on him isn’t deserved. It was an incredible team effort, and Messi lost the ball several times right in front of the goal. He didn’t play any better than anyone … Continue reading

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