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John Cook Steps On Hansen’s Toes

The modus operandi of alarmists is to stake out all possible positions – which guarantees that no matter what happens they can attempt to claim victory. Sometimes it backfires though. Hansen claims that his 1988 forecasts were pretty close, because … Continue reading

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Global Cooling Tragedy In Progress

I was out riding this morning along the Poudre River and witnessed the deadly effects of a non-man-made low sunspot count. A doe appears to have delivered her fawn on an island in the river last night, and are now … Continue reading

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Greenland Attempts To Stave Off Meltdown With Massive Windfarm

Excessive fossil fuel usage in Tasiilaq, Greenland has caused the ice sheet to collapse – drowning Manhattan. In an attempt to save Denver from the floodwaters, a giant wind farm has been installed on the ice. http://www.andreassen.gl/andreassen/webcam.htm

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1989 : Tornado Hit A New York Elementary School


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June 1953 : Tornado Rampage Killed Hundreds In Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Texas ……


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If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself

On closer examination, Doug Vogt’s claim about a problem with the curvature of the birth certificate are nonsense. I superimposed a line representing the curvature of the edge of the document at the bottom of “Kapiolani” and it lines up … Continue reading

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UN : Current Limits To Mindless Global Warming Hysteria Not Enough

Imagine devoting your life to something which has nothing to do with reality. http://www.guardian.co.uk

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