Global Cooling Tragedy In Progress

I was out riding this morning along the Poudre River and witnessed the deadly effects of a non-man-made low sunspot count. A doe appears to have delivered her fawn on an island in the river last night, and are now trapped by rapidly rising waters from record snowmelt.

The water is probably six feet deep on both sides of the island, running very fast, and rising perhaps six inches per hour. I contacted the Colorado Division of Wildlife and they are going to send someone over but were not willing to risk human life for a rescue.

I think that they should be able to drop someone off the bridge if they can get there soon enough. The island will definitely be underwater by tonight.


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25 Responses to Global Cooling Tragedy In Progress

  1. Is CO2 confusing female mammals, so that they deliver their babies in unsuitable places?

  2. suyts says:

    A damned waste of good meat!

  3. DERise says:

    At least they mention the snow pack at record levels, 260% above normal. A little rain mixed in with that record melt and some real unplanned urban renewal could be occuring in the flood plains all over the West.

    • Nate says:

      Just got my water bill from my water district…they lifted all water conservation restrictions post haste. Funny part is I had a 170 HCF reserve for the summer. Now all the avocado and citrus farmers here will have nice large fruit.

      Viva La Nina!!

  4. Your Namesis says:

    Wait a minute, how is this related to cooling?? You’re trying to confuse us. Sounds like the snow is melting at a record rate. =P

  5. Murray says:

    Apparently CO2 makes fish deaf, so at least the fish in the river won’t be upset by the poor doe’s cries!

  6. Tourist in Chief says:

    If they’re approached, they’ll likely run and try to cross the river. The fawn probably wouldn’t survive. Maybe they should try to plan how to capture the fawn, and let the doe run. Then just return the fawn to her after she crosses the river. Either that, or you hafta send in Seal Team six. They’ll kill everything, but at least they’ll save the bodies.

  7. Scott says:

    Steve, is that the bridge up by LaPorte? If so, don’t ever go running on it with several other people at the same time…it’ll bounce and you get all disoriented and sick feeling!


  8. Al Gored says:

    Like Tourist just noted, good, well better, chance the female can swim to shore, but not the fawn.

    Dinner for somebody. 200 years ago it might have been you. Native North Americans loved tender fawns… but wait, this has never happened before.

  9. Michael D Smith says:

    It will live.

  10. Luke of the D says:

    Grab yer rifle and go a-huntin! Easy prey!

  11. NikFromNYC says:

    We did not evolve to enjoy an easy kill. Humans are the ultimate peacocks. Since we are so good at hunting, only handicaps delight.

  12. Russ says:

    MMMMMM, Venison

  13. Molon Labe says:

    Ummm, what’s the deal with these miller moths in Ft Collins? Plz tell me they’re unusually prolific.

  14. AndyW says:

    They are not willing to risk human life?

    Funny enough in the UK that wouldn’t even cross the minds of our rescue services, they are always rescuing animals etc. They ought to man up a bit!

    Also, in regards to hunting I think it should only be allowed with bare hands if it is for sport rather than food 🙂


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