Greenland Attempts To Stave Off Meltdown With Massive Windfarm

Excessive fossil fuel usage in Tasiilaq, Greenland has caused the ice sheet to collapse – drowning Manhattan. In an attempt to save Denver from the floodwaters, a giant wind farm has been installed on the ice.


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10 Responses to Greenland Attempts To Stave Off Meltdown With Massive Windfarm

  1. glacierman says:

    Are those wind turbines or cooling fans to keep the ice from melting so fast?

  2. Sleepalot says:


    • glacierman says:

      They were used to blow all that warm, moist air down from the arctic and gave the mid latitudes huge snowfalls last winter.

      You know, warm, moist air causes extreme weather in western Texas too, on an hour by hour basis, it’s called – Global wierding.

  3. A K Haart says:

    glacierman has it almost right. They are actually propellers set up to move whole landmasses a few degrees north as a way to combat climate change. The propellers are mostly powered by coal-fired power stations – for reliable navigation during the move.

    • glacierman says:

      Yea, the alarmists also have a plot to use solar powered fans to blow air into wind farms to boost their efficiency. They say this will save a bunch of GHG emmisions.

      • Sleepalot says:

        Even more feindish, they’ll do that at night!

      • glacierman says:

        With all of the set asides, incentives, and tax breaks, it all makes sense. And the best part? All those nobodys…..the consumers, have to pay for it all in the form of higher rates. Its good to be among the in crowd.

  4. Ed Moran says:

    I thought they relied on solar panels at night!

  5. Ed Moran says:

    Sorry, Sleepalot missed the previous comment.

  6. Paul in Sweden says:

    Solar& Wind power, if they ever become cost/effective would make ideal power supplements to offshore drilling operations.

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