“But Mommy, The Beach Is Still There”

Alarmists can only lie about sea level for so long ….


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9 Responses to “But Mommy, The Beach Is Still There”

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Every night, when the alarmists say their prayers to their atheist god, they pray for a CAT 5 hurricane to make a direct hit on NYC. That will keep the grant money coming!

  2. NikFromNYC says:

    “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so.” – Mark Twain

    “But it does move.” – Galileo Galilei (said under his breath, after recanting that the earth moves around the sun, 1632)

    “What greater vanity is there than that of those who concern themselves more with the name than with the fact? But of that kind of men, who pay more attention to the appearance than to the reality, there are some to be found at any time.” – Giorgio Vasari (Lives of the Painters, Sculptors and Architects 1568)

    “No, so holp me Petault, it is not a miseffectual whyancinthinous riot of blots and blurs and bars and balls and hoops and wriggles and juxtaposed jottings linked by spurts of speed: it only looks as like is as damn it; and, sure, we ought really to rest thankful that at this deleteful hour of dungflies dawning we have even a written on with dried ink scrap of paper at all to show for ourselves, tare it or leaf it, (and we are lufted to ourselves as the soulfisher when he led the cat out of the bout) after all that we lost and plundered of it even to the hidmost coignings of the earth and all it has gone through and by all means, after a good ground kiss to Terracussa and for wars luck our lefftoff’s flung over our home homeplate, cling to it as with drowning hands, hoping against all hope all the while that, by the light of philosophy, (and may she never folsage us!) things will begain to clear up a bit one way or another within the next quarrel of an hour and be hanged to them as ten to one they will too, please the pigs, as they ought to categorically, as, strickly between ourselves, there is a limit to all things so this will never do.” – James Joyce (Finnegans Wake 1939)

  3. RVDL says:

    San Sebastián , Spain
    A postcard from the early twentieth century and a recent photograph. Indicated with a red arrow church of San Ignacio.

    • Latitude says:

      and a perfect example of why sea levels are rising a little bit now…………..

    • Luke of the D says:

      Well then, you’ve proved the alarmist point! Sea level is rising out-of-controal! AwHWAA! Just like CO2, that evil trace gas… its increased from what 250ppm to 390ppm in 100years! At that rate – Oh-my-gawd! – At that rate it’ll be almost 500ppm in 2100! Oh-my-gawd! That means for every 1000000 molecules of air there are 500 of that evil CO2! Ah-my-gawd!

      • Luke of the D says:

        No, no wait. For every 950,000 molecules of air there will be 500 molecules of CO2… its worse than I thought!!!

      • Luke of the D says:

        Damnit. I’m an idiot. For every 999500 molecules of air there will be 500 molecules of CO2… that’s right, right?

    • NikFromNYC says:

      The closest tide gauge record from San Sebastián I could find that carried back a full century was tide gauge No.1 in the archive: Brest, France, which shows no trend change since 1900:


      And for which there was a colorized photo from ~1900 on Ebay to compare to today:

  4. P.J. says:

    And of those 500 molecules, only 15 are man made.

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