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Disturbing Imagery Of Declining Summer Snowpack In Colorado

They said this was going to happen, right after they saw it happening, right after they said it wasn’t going to happen. http://www.coloradoan.com/

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Global Warming Making California HotColdWetDry

Researcher says climate change may be cooling California By: By Matt Weiser Published: Sat, 06/04 Spring passed California by, and summer remains in hiding. Nine tornadoes have torn up the Sacramento Valley from Oroville to Fairfield. A giant Sierra snowpack, … Continue reading

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As CO2 Levels Rise, We Expect Newsweek To Get Breathtakingly Stupid

2009 was in the bottom 10% of tornado frequency, and 2010 was also below normal. No hurricanes hit the US during either of the past two years.    

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Pattern Matching Quiz


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Farming Zones Of Greenland

In preparation for a flood of climate refugees, Greenland has mapped out farming zones which will be needed to accommodate the millions of people who will soon be moving there. Leading scientists expect the temperature to warm by 10C over … Continue reading

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“Monterey Bay climate change summit fights global warming”

http://cdiac.ornl.gov/ Temperatures in Santa Cruz have dropped more than a degree over the last 80 years. Monterey Bay climate change summit fights global warming By Jason Hoppin Posted: 06/04/2011 01:30:07 AM PDT SANTA CRUZ — Local elected, environmental and business leaders … Continue reading

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March Of The Giraffes In Greenland


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